Van AGo-Gogh

Writeup of Detroit’s Van Gogh exhibit.


“This stuff is shit,” said my brain, while coasting through the Van Gogh exhibit.

Oh, look. The flower’s green, the wall is orange, the brushstrokes are thick and overlapping and, Jesus *Christ*, why are there so many people with poor hygiene in here?!?!

Oh, starry night, take your illumination and get lost. Dead frame after dead frame on the ancient walls in one room and I’m supposed to forget about the reality waiting outside for me. Why you would want to distract an audience that is young and proud with *this* is beyond me.

Vince. baby. I just can’t apply myself to your stained yellows. I have honestly tried to care and it isn’t working out for me. Give me pop culture; let me see the way the sequins shine off of the shirt I bought you. let’s get out of here.

Added later, one of my first comments:

All I’ve learned during my Ph.D. years is the kind of scholar I do *not* want to become. So, by simple consequence, the kind of help I want to give to
students, or the kind of approach I want to follow doing research. This
is to say I believe it takes time to develop a “project” of sorts, artistic,
academic (in the good sense), any. I guess you already know that, but
I think you have a great gift, and that is character description. I read
your description of your friends (in your MSN pages),
and I am stunned. I wish I would be so good at that (be the character
“real” or “fictional”). Also, your analysis of the “american way” (” “);
I’ve already used (quoting the source, of course) in a discussion with
my mentor. These things will develop, I’m sure. You work on language
as young writers should do (something I never did, actually). And your
reaction to the Van Gogh exhibit (if it’s the same that was in Detroit
a couple of years ago, which means totally pointless, you’re totally
right, by the way) demonstrates you are not afraid to question the
classics, as any young avant-garde artist should be :-)
Is this too oldmanish? Be frank, I need that. –Motor City Bob