Lesbos, a 69 Chevelle and Meeting Cameron

Riding around with Justin is deadly and addictive. He messed with this firebird of 3 lesbians with his 69 Chevelle, racing and taunting. We shouted back and forth…all the way to the Triangle Club. “I wanna see some kissin – let’s all make love!” Justin shouted out the window before the women he had his eye on, turned away and walked into the gay joint.

I quickly learn to watch the drivers as they all take notice of the car older than Justin. The men nodd and rev their engines at red lights. The women are generally offended by Justin’s tongue gestures and wandering eyes. There is nothing anyone can do but realize. He spins the back tires in fast food line-ups and is not humble with a stick shift.

Justin paid for my meal in silence today, which I explained would be alright if I could pick up the next meal – nothing complicated. I hear everything he has to say, bringing it back to the same concept of him. He loves Christmas lights and love songs but is one of the most offensive people on earth.

“I just like to ride around, man. You ever been to Red Lobster? I’ll take you there…I gotta take you everywhere. Why can’t I get a nice girl like you? If I give you a dollar, can I kiss you? A thousand dollars? OH YES YOU WOULD! YOU LIAR!” <—denial, hurt ego

Bryce was "disappointed" that I went riding with Justin alone, because that always means something. He clearly doesn't know me yet.


Crouching Cameron

Up in the air, nothing is ever definite and what you think you know might actually have a different reality – or identity. In Cameron’s home there is a cage on the ceiling without a lock, and a Superman action figure inhabits the prison.

“I was being bad, so my grandpa put him up there…I like, just never got him down.”

He reminds me of a hero without a fight – without a good enough reason to do something about his predicament. If, at times, there are people who do give up on him as he suggests, it could be because he never seems to mention that he believes in himself. Every day is every other day, and then, “whatever”, if you take him at ground level. However, I suspect that he has a mind for operation. Not so much a hidden agenda but perhaps his order of business is too personal for him to really make obvious. Simply, he seems like someone who can sit and think about what could be, or what shouldn’t be. What is and what isn’t… even if it looks like he doesn’t care.

I don’t claim to know exactly why he falls silent like someone thinking about something more besides whatever else is going on.

“Because he does!” Bryce snapped without hesitation over the Little Caesar’s counter. “He is thinking something, alright.”