An old bone to throw – both secret and prophecy. 1999.

Lives turned to cold arrogance
the older they became
while I stayed strong remembering
what happens in the game –
With every battle, love comes back
just like it did before
the flower girls are calling…
and they need a voice once more

You scoffed at thoughts of liberty
at grave mistaken charge
boasting of delusions and
intolerance at large
You see me with my head hung down
but can’t understand my shame-
the flower girls are calling out…
asking for me by name

Tongues shaven into sharpened blades
with anarchy pursued
use hate to drown out any hope
for lenient attitude.
So I’m nothing in your eyes tonight
as blindness will condemn-
the flower girls are calling me…

because I’m one of them.

You ever get people’s sentences stuck in your head, even when they aren’t that significant? I have a tendency to pick up and record a lot of useless things like that. Back when I was in high school, someone mocked, “What are you, a tree huggin’ hippie?!” and I remember thinking, “Why is that term such an insult, anyway? What does it really mean?”

But back then, I didn’t argue or pay much of my own mind. I just giggled back at him.


11 responses to “An old bone to throw – both secret and prophecy. 1999.

    • Phoenixmoon, one of the headlining starlets of the friends list.

      I liked your point. I’m happy with my heart, too. But there’s a kind of sorrow, when you know that someone you care about will drop you in their eyes and pile on the shame because of it. Everyone deals with that concept in their own detail, I think.

      Your most recent entry is a wonderful thing, to read. The world needs more honorable workers like you.

    • You’re welcome.

      Thank you, for the kind words. I didn’t mean the term 100% literally – more so a representation of an extreme with such a force, radical or what-have-you, that’s hated on. I kept the word “hippie” in using F.Girl term, because I spend a lot of time studying my dad’s era and soaking in all of the emotions and causes for the uprisings of that time, and have found that a lot of those tenencies…tendencies for freedom, for expression, etc…are things that I share.

      Your entry on argument was good. But I don’t know if it can be so generalized and remain as accurate as if you would include a few basic principles such as intention, lying, and naivety into the equation. Maybe, beyond the He Said, She Said, there can be a mutual but unrecognized Know-better.

      • Re: You’re welcome.

        I think your dad and I are probably contemporaries. I’ve always impressed upon my kids the philosophy of “leave it better than you found it.” They still adhere to that belief. They’re also very opinionated and steadfast in their own convictions.

        The argument post stemmed from a conversation I had with someone at a restaurant. We tried to come to some sort of mutual understanding, but failed miserably. In the end we just agreed to disagree.

  1. “We the Sheeple”

    Responsibility is the other polarity of fear. Responsibility diffuses fear. To be a “tree-huggin’ hippie” connotes reponsibility for the shadow of our own creation as a species and the long term effects of our manifestations. People fear what they don’t understand and are afraid to take responsibility for. All this lies in the realm of Saturn, death, or father time and things like shame, blame, guilt, manipulation, competition, or more positive manifestations like responsibility, elder leader, teacher come into play. We’ve been living in an artificial time construct based on the rigid patriarchal 12:60 timing frequencies; where time is money, every year we lose a month and are in a perpetual rat race striving to fulfill this illusion of lack and limitation when any woman full well knows that there are 13 moons of equal 28 day cycles in a year and understand the abundance of the earth in that what is full will be made empty and what is empty will be made full and through the passage of life, death, sex, birth, and regeneration, all is renewed. Time is Art. time is radial, not linear- tune in to the syncronicities. And the sheeple…. well I guess you can only giggle and let that fish go to swim with its own school. For more info on natural time one could check out… or Pan… Planet Art Network. Let there awaken a critical mass of sheeple that we may embark on a mission of self discovery and solutions. En Lakesh(I am another yourself)…T Om-ResonantDragon

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