Until I’m sound asleep, everything around me plays into the dark, liquidy trance just under the surface of consciousness. Christopher’s best friend Roy had called for a ride home because we fell asleep on him, on a Saturday Night. Someone pulled into the driveway. With his pink mohawk, dangling a broken, unlit cigarette from his mouth, Roy unknowingly opened the door to come face-to-face with someone who wasn’t his ride.

I heard the angry tone, “I want Bill” and began to wake up.
Muffled sound. Stranger.
“Where’s Bill!” and I thought “It’s too late – something’s wrong.”

3 A.M.

Alarmed, I was waking up while Chris stepped out.
Alarmed, I was waking up while Dad came out.
Alarmed, I heard the front door slam like someone had hit it.

Someone had his arms around my dad’s neck.

I screamed so blood-curdlingly loud that Roy ran into Christopher’s dark room. I passed him in the hall, not yet knowing the situation. I could tell he was hiding from whatever was going on around the corner.

“You like to molest little girls?!?”

He was the new husband of some daughter who belonged to very stereotypically-poor, old friends of my mother. No one had met him before. Red eyes, intoxicated. Yelling that his wife had been molested by my dad when she was really young. Daughters. I remembered them. Flashbacks of a few girls many many years ago, when we were more involved. These were the facts I was processing on my way onto the front porch. Listening, eyes wide open.

I can’t tell the story, because I was so afraid he was going to pull out a gun. Drunk hicks who just jump out from the driver’s side of their pickup trucks are dangerous. All I can say…is that there was a good strong minute where we tried to talk to him. I couldn’t…get around anyone’s shoulders. I was on my toes, moving back and forth, trying to get a look at the man while I shouted how insane he was. I heard Mom from inside phoning 911. I kept trying to reach out for my dad’s arm and tell him to get inside the house…

I remember Chris standing over him, about ready to kill. Silent. In front of Dad, in front of me. The drunk said something about not being afraid of him, and Chris shook his head.

I know I said something to Chris. Not to touch him. Not to do anything.

We didn’t feel the cold.

He speaks more of this in such a strange tongue. All of us are now standing on the porch, listening to the wild insanities that make us realize we haven’t known crazy until now. Ducking in the house…Of course we don’t know his name. Of course the police arrive after he’s gone. The cops liked Lacy very much.

Every door is locked.

I’m wide awake.

Someone tell me what the fuck just happened and that I can go to sleep now.


22 responses to “Shaken

    • A real Kid-Rock lookin’ mother fucker, too.

      Unfortunately, that shit really happened just an hour before I posted it.

      The guy was caught by the police afterward, cause he went somewhere else and kicked in their back door…caught him on the road, drunk, with a loaded gun.

      Crazy fucker.

      • Re: A real Kid-Rock lookin’ mother fucker, too.

        holy shit yo thats some hard core shit right there. Do you even know who the guy is.?

      • Dude.

        None of us had ever seen him before in our life.

        What kids today who want to be cool don’t understand is that you don’t “choose” hardcore…

        hardcore chooses you.

  1. hardly a dull moment!

    Craziness! Are you doin’ alright! Seems there’s a wingnut around every corner. Gettin’ to be less and less places where you can feel safe enough to not have to lock your door at night; though generally a good habit. What’s even more messed up is the undercurrent that’s been brought to the surface. That has to be pretty tough to hear, true or not. I can only hope that you don’t feel as though you were ever violated in any way. I’ve had an experience with a woman who’s first sexual experience was rape(multiple times, different cases)as well as batterings and later came to find out she’d probably been incested by her brother, if not also her father, not pretty. I refused to be cast into the role to the point of great misery, suffering and abuse to myself. Seemed the only thing she was used to and expected, was abuse. It was too bad she was unable to recieve my gentle nurturance and ask for what she wanted rather than try to manipulate it out of me and refuse to take responsibility for it. She wanted to “take it” rather than recieve because all she’d ever known was just having to take it. She’s since moved on to become a sexual healer, helping men with sexual dysfunction and teaching them the art of Sacred Sexuality. When one can identify with another’s suffering, both are lent an opportunity to heal and transform the shadow as long as it is owned and acknowledged. Nameste’ T Om ResonantDragon

    • Re: hardly a dull moment!

      Umm… I should probably just leave this alone… but what the hell does any of this have to do with what she wrote? Its supozed to make her feel better?

      Sorry, just took this further off topic but… anyway.

      *shakes head at the way some people can twist what they read into something totally different or use someone else as their platform*

      • Re: hardly a dull moment!

        “The lips of wisdom are closed; except to the ears of understanding, and when the ears are ready to hear, so cometh the words to fill them with wisdom.”- Hermes Trismegistus – The Kybalion

      • Re: hardly a dull moment!

        “The lips of wisdom are closed; except to the ears of understanding, and when the ears are ready to hear, so cometh the words to fill them with wisdom.”- Hermes Trismegistus – The Kybalion

        And the wind she sang marya… but I was torn in battle off the shoulder of orion: so she sang an empty song until the lost souls returned. – Starman Jones overdosed on X

  2. Oh my. This kind of people live among us.
    Every moment you can bump into one of them – as it
    happened to me and my wife lately. But, you’re
    right. Hardcore chooses you. I’m glad things got
    better eventually. Hugs, Rob.

  3. Drunk Crazy People

    Ok so Id say that I didnt know any but my own friend shot at me. Over a friggin Tennis ball. *shakes head* Redneck drunks Id say are the most entertaining. That is no lie my friends. My friend Todds parents keep pigs and sheep in their house. *nods* YUP. And those words came from his mouth.

    • Re: Drunk Crazy People

      Reading this from you somehow makes it all seem better. LOL.

      You’re insane.

      Anyway…please tell Erica and ALex I’m sorry for not being online. Around 4:30, my mom would be wanting on, etc…I couldn’t do anything about it. :(

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