I’d been sad to consider that there were no more laughs when it came to spam subject titles. Certainly, I would never find anything remotely as thrilling in the inbox as my favorite:


Low and behold, FINALLY, after a few months of boring deletes, I got to trash the following runner-up worthy title:

From: knockdown subject trees with your giant manhood



42 responses to “2/3/4

  1. I got one that said I had been billed a certain amount to my credit card for child pornagraphy. When I opened it it said that if I wanted to be removed from the list I had to send all of my credit card information.

  2. Well… ya you can make fun… but those of us with average manhood, who have never broken anyone in half or knocked down a tree… well… we need this stuff. :)

    Oh-I have another related brain fart. Large manhood is to women as petite is to men. Don’t ask what it means I don’t know.

    • Doesn’t everyone know better?

      I think it’s mean to suggest that men need enlargement products (that don’t even work). I cannot believe it’s the most popular spam technique.

      Talk about hitting up insecurity for all it’s worth.

      • Re: Doesn’t everyone know better?

        aaah… i’m not really bothered by them. i’m sure most guys are just amused… other than the annoyance. i do wonder who buys it- seems strange to be persuaded.

    • *come hither finger motion*

      I know that in Lj land, it’s all about people’s brains and reading/respecting what they have to say, and blah blah blah….

      but has any girl ever told you that your icon makes them want to lick the wounds on your face?

      • Re: *come hither finger motion*

        I understand. How could i say no to such a careing offer.
        I girl has never said that. I hope it does not taste like carrots or shoes.

    • All this talk is giving me penis envy.

      Slap that special little skill on your resume. Types over 60 wpm, knocks down trees with giant manhood, extensive knowledge of Excel…

  3. Kingdom Hearts quiz, beauty and the beast world sword.

    Divine Rose
    Which Keyblade Suits You Best? (Unfinished) brought to you by Quizilla

    That’s actually one of my favorite weapons.

  4. Spam For Women(tm) generally consists of breast enlargement ads, from what I can tell. Which is marginally less silly than penis enlargment medication, I’d think.

    In other news,
    Which Keyblade Suits You Best? (Unfinished) brought to you by Quizilla

      • Re: Badass.

        I don’t quite recall either. I would GUESS the Coliseum, as it’s also the name of Squall’s weapon and you’d have to bust his chops to get ahold it it, I’d imagine.

        I didn’t beat this game yet, so I haven’t gotten it yet.

      • Speaking of Japanese horror movies…

        “The Eye” looks awesome. Have you seen the movie “Suicide Club”?

        First scene in a subway station, things look perfectly normal for rush hour until 54 schoolgirls line up, hold hands, and cheerfully dive into the path on an oncoming train, sending a wave of blood across the platform.

        Might want to check that shit out.

    • Record setting, most definitely.

      Hey yeah, you’d think that the best stradegy would be like your horizontal finger knocking down dominoes… with the whole vertical approach (which is really the only probable one), there is the tedious uprooting of the trees to consider, instead of just…

      okay. I’m thinking too hard again.

    • I added you back.

      Your compliment is appreciated. :)

      Make sure you have a SALON cut your bangs, and you might want to just chop them a little before going all the way. With bangs, you can never pull them back with your ponytail, etc… Choose wisely.

      See my blonde streak in this icon? Big mistake. First time I got called Rogue, it was history.

  5. Autumn,
    I could get at your five questions only today,
    since my PC died on me (as usual) some days ago.
    Being quite broke, I fixed it, but it took me forever.
    I’ll answer ASAP. Honest.
    Ciao, Rob

    • Oh, whenever!

      I knew you’d get around to it, sooner or later. No rush. I’ve read your most recent updates, and haven’t been sure on a comment. Although it sounds tough, it sounds like things aren’t permanently that way. That’s something to feel alright about, I’d say.

  6. Spam is the devil- but I always like the titles, even if they’re not intentionally funny. I don’t know, they always have a single statement and afterwards it looks like they had a seizure mid-sentence.

    You need Insurancelkjasdfjew ashjk

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