I’m not sure if this says anything.

“Who’s Everybody?”

So I told her that we all used Cameron’s hot tub. Me, Bryce, Jake, Sarah… She asked if the Green Brothers’ parents ever used it, and I said I’d never been there when they had.

I was cautioned, “Make sure you don’t find yourself in there with their step-father if their mom isn’t out there. You don’t know a lot about married women. They get jealous.”

My head was kind of cocked while the advice processed. It echoed back the moment their step-dad answered the door with no one else home. My feet on their carpet suddenly seemed questionable but I went in and used their burner for an hour or so, anyway. Only difference was being aware of the little white line I’d stepped over in the hallway.

I didn’t think to look for them. Guess a lot of voyagers who get across can really fuck everything up others have going. People who have them painted or strung, can be absolutely paranoid, etc etc etc… Anyway. It gave me more to consider, and I can usually recognize that border. I think it’s kind of a funny thing, to be conscious about.

You know? Why is it my business, to do the worrying for someone else’s marriage in proportion to my little ol’ presence?

I am reminded of this whole concept after having heard from boomer generation/mother of central clique figure Justin, that Bryce‘s parents are getting divorced. Bryce is an only child raised in the “Manhill Mansions” and basically portrays everything contradictory to the ghetto scene he tries to claim. His wife beaters have tags on them that read Structure. Daddy buys him a bike and he dreams about being a hell’s angel, kinda deal.

So Bryce’s parents are splitting up! Wow. I should probably be thinking something deeper than “Man, I hated that bitch” but I’m not. Last year, I filled a vehicle full of lilacs and went around delivering light lavendar boquets – when I got to Bryce’s house, I walked right past the mother and handed them to her husband. On purpose.

I guess a lesson told is not always a lesson followed.


9 responses to “I’m not sure if this says anything.

    • The Sorcerer’s Bone?

      I can see how having a pretty boy come around that ladies go ga-ga over, could make other men feel temporarily inadequate.

      Especially if he’s full of youth. We dig that, because we’re looking for the perfect, fresh harvest.

      I have a theory it’s why people read Harry Potter, actually. Cause they like em young.

      Just a theory.

    • This was a weird one. I’ve been writing funny lately.

      It’s a brief ride through first-hand human behavior, gender specific. It questions the foundation of marriage and respect/disrespect for boundaries. Although I think of myself as generally good, sometimes I do things when I know better, and do my own part to contribute to the same concerns expressed in the entry.

      I claimed to be guilty – never said I was sorry. So don’t you be.


    love them young. All the customers wive flirt with me. And all the guys I know that are older flirt with the younger chicks at work. Theres nothing wrong with it its natural. More power to them shit if you can pull that kinda action do it up.

  2. O_O

    What did the woman do to finally convince him to break it off?

    You know what is the irony of it all? His dad is always the one that told all of us not to give up! But didnt he just give up by breaking the ties of marriage?

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