I’m going back to bed.

Last night I toppled over onto the floor mattress only to find that there was no comforter, so I wandered into the living and found Christopher to be the culprit. Since the accident, he has been afraid of his room and trying to climb into bed with my parents. In settlement, he hauls the mattress in there, next to their room every night, and sleeps. I always go back and forth from being mad about this stupid display of dysfunction, to thinking it’s understandable. Anyway, the bastard stole my comforter, so I spread an old Ninja Turtle sheet over the couch, took his green blanket, and collapsed for the second try.

Now we were all kind of huddled together.

It’s 6:30 and I’m up because this turned out to be a big mistake. When my family got up, they turned on lights and started screaming at each other to a volume that I would not sleep through. Then 3-4 pair of giant pants fell on my head.

“I told you to hang my clothes up, you lazy bitch.”
“I had to have hung a hundred articles before I ran out of hangers. You’re crying over this little pile? Who’s the one who had someone else hang up her clothes?”
“Something something insulting, I’m sure, I can’t remember but blah blah.”
“Who’s a lazy bitch!” in that “who’s my girl? Come on – who’s my girl!” sarcastic calling for enthusiastic reply.

It was cotton. She was getting sinister over cotton and maybe a little polyester. But that’s not why I’m upset.

I thought that plugging in here to unload, might help me cope with the fact that I was sleeping so deeply, I expected to wake up somewhere else and did not. Once it was all fading, I was over 20 years old, and those people don’t go sleeping at friends’ houses, anymore. When you’re trying to forget that you miss people, bringing them up in dreams is a pain.

I forget if this thing connects or disconnects me.

Martha’s funny, isn’t she? Silly broad. Didn’t she realize fate would find a way to punish her for instructing domestic evils?

“I hope she doesn’t get the death penalty for this one!” Dad mused. “I mean, maybe they can give it to her…” I caught the hope in his tone.

Ugh, I’m so tired.


8 responses to “I’m going back to bed.

  1. Holy Crap

    Man, that is crazy, I’m sorry you had to get rudely awoken like that I know I hate when my mom wakes me up from a deep sleep for something fucking dumb as hell. Sometimes it makes you want to sleep with a machete? ;)

  2. Ah yes, the wonderful point of a marriage when all you really can do is argue about something really, really stupid! Suggestion: Big teddy bear; you can throw it at something or someone and then make the excuse you were having a dream…so essentially you did not cause much damage

  3. damn the darvacet

    SO y eah, i took one of my mom’s pain pills before i went to bed…..WOW i was sleeping for HOURS and i feel like shit. Its 3:30pm and i just woke up. Im goingto take my time getting ready and I have to stop at my dads work on the way to the gay fiesta. I promise that tomorrow we will walk. And dare i say it? Possibly two times…..

    talk to you tomorrow,

  4. I need to wake up.

    I’ve been sleeping too much lately. I found this through your yahoo and then your msn group… but your userinfo says you don’t use either :P

    Its okay that’s the kind of straight talk most women give me. I think you have more pictures of yourself on livejournal then msn; you look great. I’m sorry to hear about your drama and dysfunction but I’d like to add you. I’m not sure how much you look at your friends logs with 180 friends but you seem interesting. I like what you have up, and your from my area, being beautiful helps but I still want to hear that voice file that had a broken link from yahoo.

    Maybe another time; you be sure to take care.

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