Dream Record


This one started with loud dog barking.

I’m in someone’s living room watching tv with a few people – the show had a plot I was registering, but that info’s gone. A dog is barking in the next room and a girl says that the dog clearly sees something, but no one’s in the room. Then she gets a little weird and is like, “I know who it is! It’s this girl!” and shows us an old photo of some female.

“How do you know?” I asked.
“Because they found her blood in that room.”

I get really scared, sequence over.

Then I was somewhere inside where huge waves were crashing through the rooms. Terrible fear of getting caught under them…swimming over and riding the water down to an exit where all was dry and girls seemed to be looking for the rest of their party.

They were missing one or two…I’d go with them as though I belonged, elevator to elevator as they looked. One of the girls was Rachel Scott….Rachel was found dead my senior year of high school. Beautiful goth girl. I try to forget it happened in the country close to home.

She had her long, black hair and a red sweater…and also a twin in a black sweater with long, white/silvery hair. They were kind of yelling at each other for losing track of some teammates.

End sequence.

School event around Thanksgiving. I don’t really register that it’s taking place at my house… turkeys are being butchered live, and like…. tossed around like pizzas. Everyone’s standing around like it’s a tradition to view. Someone’s holding up their necks, disassembled, talking about them…someone’s rolling a huge turkey carcuss around in the backyard like a snowball… I see a girl I had a fall out with and am watching her sit at a table with her mom as they eat something and sip cider from styrofoam.

I look up and notice a giant eagle circling. And circling. Its beak open. It sees all these huge birds being tossed up and around…

“Please oh please mistake ****** for a turkey and pluck her head right from her neck,” I said out loud. Angie says, “Autumn, that’s not very nice.” I say something about kidding and she answers, “But it was pretty funny.”

Suddenly the idea turns worse than I thought and people are screaming. Running.

“Everyone in the house, everyone inside. There are eagles and warthogs outside,” I hear. So I begin running around screaming this, trying to warn people, but for some reason I just can’t YELL…there’s hardly any voice… and idiots are running out to tease these beasts…

Watching the horror from inside, I notice that my dog is out there with the crowd, surrounded by what now have the shape of wolves (who have more interest in the dancing people). I step on the back porch and start screaming her name…frustration from lack of volume,…she hears me, though, and she comes running up… I close her inside with me.

I wake up.

Last night,…eh. Night before last. I cleaned the basement yesterday, went to take a nap and ended up sleeping from 4 P.M to now. Oops. So yeah. Night before last.

The front room door blows open but no one is there. I say, “Dad. Who’s trying to come into our house?” in such a way that means, “Get up, I think something’s scary.” He does…no one…closes the door. Kinda shrugs.

Then the front door opens.

Someone steps inside.

I look down at my foot and there’s a black, stiff kitten sitting there. Eyes of yellow light. It looks fucked up. I link my arm to my dad’s, and we step over it, up the stairs to greet this dark figure. Very strange – normally I run in dreams.

I run like a bitch. And I ALWAYS…get away.

But we’re getting closer to it…fear is slowing trying to psych into anger…and then I wake up.


2 responses to “Dream Record

  1. Good morning…

    We were discussing dreams and visions at a barbecue yesterday. Some of the dreams sounded like fear factor episodes. The visions were generally visitations from dead friends and relatives. Even after 28 years, I still have visions of my father. It’s usually when I’m coming out of a very focused state, like reading a really good book. I look up and I swear I see him in my room.

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