Tape. Scissors. Discs. Trays. Roms. Labels. Everywhere. On my hands.

I’m in the middle of a burning orgy – 30 discs on their way to the post office by the time my orders are fulfilled. I swear, after this crowd of requests, I’m going to stop. HONEST! I’m stopping. Right after…I get some more blanks. And use those.


Haha – I sounded like a smoker just now. “After the pack I’m about to go buy, I’m gonna quit!” You weakass bitches know who you are.

An amusing blurb from my friend’s LJ:

I walk into Autmn’s room and she is laying on her bed listening…

“What’s this?” I ask, as I make my way to the black chair.

With eyes closed and hands laying at her side,

“Classical does Radiohead.” And she smiles.

Readers will notice I haven’t had much to say, and I am wrestless inside a white box. I just want to run over


…………………………..and then run over here, where my brain has been recorded and take my hand and aodfhoafbecause for some reaonssdghsudhgsjhgjhfgjshgidont likewhatI’vegottosaykjshdgjhdjhskdskdjghsitsnotenoughdfgkdhkdgkjdghsdkjdfghkjsdhgkjdhgkdgjsdhkghsdkghsd


I have a document written up from a previous night that I may or not post. It depends. I’m not sure it’s morally strong to take something you know is bad and serve it up like birthday mud.
oh, birthday.

Cause I’m fine now. Now, I can dish it with a sharp server and apron on.

I am all over the place. I should come back later, when it’s dark and unmoving. It’ll be nice. I’ll be here – or, have been, and you can observe the traces. Scary thought:

she does watch some of you. Sits high on a line and looks down on your homely fuckin’ excuses for spillage.

Keeps me warm. Ungrounded, of course. But warm.

You’re her favorite dead end electrons.


10 responses to “Tape. Scissors. Discs. Trays. Roms. Labels. Everywhere. On my hands.

  1. Homely

    Its not necessarily a bad thing.

    It means unattractive but it also means simple, plain, unpretentious, primitive and comfortable in the manner of a home, cozy.

    You are one of my favourite electrons.

  2. boowaaaaaaa

    I have a bunch of stuff that you will like from the renfaire but I wasn’t sure if you were still trading I’ll scan some of them if you would like.

  3. PIRates BOOTY!!

    ther is a lot more then this, They also have pirate pistols but pretty expensive, there is one that is a pirate pistol with a blade for 34 bucks. They also have gypsy stuff , coin bras, coine shemmys, head dresses, they have fertily gods wierd figiure set in stone in strange sexual positions lol. They have the pirate coin from the movie the gold one they have that its pretty cool.

    • Woah! I love pretty things. They will be mine.

      I have glass beaded bracelet I can throw in a package, a silver sterling ring, a bracelet that has gold, silver, and some kind of red ruby that I got as a rather pricey gift and just never wear. We’re talking elaborate holiday gift, here.

      I can throw in extras, and don’t forget my king shit list at
      http://www.recordnerd.com/lists/great_dame as it has grown considerably. Oh! And one Hello Kitty necklace I’m too lazy to scan – says Hello Kitty in cursive silver across the front, with a silver chain. I’ll make up a package for ya if any of this sounds doable. Hit me back and let me know what you think.

  4. This cd trading thing… Never done it. So, in its simplest form, person X makes a cd, sends it to person Y who sends person X a cd in return? I take it these are complete burns, a whole U2 album, or a whole Britney Spears cd, a whole whatever, not ‘mixes’?

    I find myself doing this locally for people I know, only I get nothing in return. I wonder if this is symbolic of all my relationships? sniffle, le sigh, sniffle? or else I’m being too evangelical about my quality Scottish country dance music (a range from accordion/drums/fiddles/piano/etc., very difficult to get hold of without the ‘know-how’) so I’m not too concerned with reparations.


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