Autumn May’s School Of Driving

I’d like to bring your attention to more than just defensive driving. The following guideline pertains to the secret of efficiency and safety on our roads: consideration for the vehicle behind you.

Whatever end of these suggestions you may find yourself on, your familiarity with these concepts is the first step to a long overdue revolution. Once you begin to practice these, you’ll find they stick like instinct and not only decrease the levels of road rage around you – they just may prevent them, altogether.

Like, Duh

1. situation: 2 forward lanes at an upcoming red light. If you’re going straight, get over so I can turn right on red.

2. situation: you’re pulling out into traffic. If you’re going to be slow, wait for upcoming vehicles to go by before racing to pull out in front of me, only to slow me down.

3. situation: you want to cross lanes to turn left, but you’re incompetent. Just make a right first, and find a place to turn around in. Don’t make me wait.

4. situation: you’re in the left lane and there are cars approaching you. Watch your mirrors and get over for those going faster than you.

5. situation: The car right in front of us flashes red. SLOW DOWN. Those indicate their brakes.

6. situation: the lanes are merging. Figure out where I am and what you’re going to do before your lane ends. Make it apparent.

7. Don’t speed up if someone’s trying to pass you. You blew it, and now you’re putting the other person in danger on top of it.

8. If you’re making a left in the forward lane at all, put your blinker on early so I know to maneuver right, around you.

9. Know the 4 way stop rules. If there is hesitation, communicate and wave someone by, preferably me. (I’d advise you here to just press on the gas, but if you guys did that, we may collide.)

10. Do head checks for the blind spot at the rear-right. Do this every time before you even think about turning the wheel.

11. Don’t make slow left-hand turns that hog the yellow light. I’ll just follow your ass so close that we look like a short train.

12. Don’t block traffic in a parking lot because you want to sit and wait around to see someone pack up their car. Waiting for a (legal) handicapped spot is okay.

Others are welcome to contribute anything I didn’t think of.


9 responses to “Autumn May’s School Of Driving

  1. a little uncommon sense and courtesy goes a long way doesnt it?

    i think it basically boils down to i want to go fast and if you want to go slow get out of my way….no?

    • Acceleration is a large part of it. People take too long to get up to speed.

      It’s not that easy – if you tell someone that, they don’t know all that it implies. Hence, my school of driving.

      I find that it’s a matter of accepting that no matter how great you think you are, there is always someone faster than you, kinda mentality. I move for people, and people need to move for me.

      It’s amazing, how many people haven’t considered the guy behind them.

  2. HA…I am glad that someone else shares my frustrations about this topic and will finally post on it. I always figured that it was something that everyone deals with every damn day and did not want to read about my bitchin about traffic….I am sure I could add like a billion more things…maybe some more shit about parking lots, but eh’ I will get to that sometime.

    Are you the careful agressive driver like myself?

    • I’m careful until careful looks impossible.

      Generally, I’m not easily frustrated on the road. I only get upset if someone is way out of whack and I’m late for something.
      Otherwise, I realize there are enough hours in the day that I’ll get to where I want to be, and the flow of traffic (when it’s slower) can be a check to exhale and take it easy.

      Understanding that old people are like dinosaurs – magnificient beasts – I don’t get too uspset when a truck with one of those farmer-hats is in front of me. The potential to go insane is certainly there, but I’m pretty good at shifting my own gears.

    • Well they don’t teach it in driver’s ed.

      Some people don’t learn those rules because they’re stuck at the bottom level of knowledge.

      My system is easy to pick apart without a full-length book. You could say, “What if you’re at 2 forward lanes at a red and someone in front of you on the right has ALREADY used your idea of avoiding the left-turner? Why get mad that you’re behind someone who isn’t going right on red?”

      In that case, you’d need to apply those quick second judgements and be able to figure that. That’s a whole ‘nother level of application, specifically for the one with road rage. I also have ideas for those aggressive driver’s to read to help them keep certain things in mind and perhaps slow their pulse.

      But yes – this is NOT common knowledge. All driver’s tend to think about is what they’re technically supposed to do right. And even then, that information gets clouded with their mascara wands, hair brushes, phones, kids, etc…

  3. I guess its the same everywhere, but in lil ole Houston. there are a different set of rules… do not use your blinker to change lanes, you will usually never get in, because people see that you did not want to wait in line for the exit, and you want to cut in, and if you put on the blinker, it aint gonna happen. You need to look for a semi that cant keep up and you cut infront of him and he wont hit you because of our frivolous lawsuits.
    Also there is the LAW in texas that slower traffic keep right.. this one is a hard for for some people to digest. They go the speed limit in the left lane and think they are not breaking the law, but they are, and out cops will give em tickets.
    i still dont know where half of these people get thier license to drive. They seem clueless, they might as well put a student driver flag on the window.. so people wouldnt get too pissed at them.

    Another good one, I believe in the 2 second rule in driving unless there is a floater in the other lane and traffic infront of him is slowing down.. you need to close the gap, for his safety. so he doesnt make it inbetween you and the car your behind, because you hafta hit your breaks, and the guy behind you eating a big mac, and on the phone and smoking a cig might not be as responsive to slow down

    another one.. people if your break lights dont work…. do not get on the freeway.. its really hard when your not using the 2second rule and there sloing down and you dont have a clue..

    there are many others, I dont like changeing lanes, and hate people that feel there getting somewhere faster than me because they changeing lanes every 5 seconds, they will not be getting in my lane, well infront of me anyways.

    another are the citizens that think they are the police. they think you are going too fast and will haul ass to get in front of you and slow down, only to have you switch lanes and re-pass them. if they are smart they will speed up when you can pass, and slow down when cars are across the freeway, and you cannot pass.. those are the worst.

    and godda love a 4+ lanes of freeway and 5 cars on the road, and they are in a line in front of you.

    i could keep on but you get the picture

    • I love a 4+ lane of freeway.

      See, now, you’d prolly be mad at me. When I need to get over and I seem totally fucked, I put my “pity blinker” on. It searches for sympathy – and usually, someone sees my miscalculation and waves me over. Blue moon usage, or when a huge parking lot is emptying out, that kinda thing happens, too… you get waved into the line.

      What I actually do sometimes is just slam the nose of my car out. If it’s a situation where traffic is slow and I know the oncoming car can afford to stop, I make them.

      • Re: I love a 4+ lane of freeway.

        well if they are cute and wave and do that to me, im a sucker and dont get mad. If I guy does it, I feel he should know better and I get mad at him..

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