Not Retired Yet.

I have memories of cheap, black masks lying around the house. My dad would buy these Lone Ranger looking things, some 40 cents a pop, from the local drugstore. To him, they were as styling as a pair of sunglasses… I’m not sure if there’s any way to explain it. It just suited my dad. It made sense, that we had them.

“Your dad was a superhero?”
I answer instantly and honestly, “Yes.”

My mother was cleaning out cluttered places today, and tossed an old mask into the garbage pile. Dad stood outside the accumulation of Goodwill and trash, sorting anything he might want to hang onto. When I came walking by from my 3 mile jog, I noticed that Dad had discarded the old thing, as well…

I snatched it up out of the garbage bag and took a pair of scissors to it. First I sliced off the bottom part that covered the nose, and then I made the eyes larger. Dad walked in while I had it on and was playing a video game.

“Hey! Nice mask. I had one a lot like it…”
“Dad. This is the one.”
“…but today I threw – what?”
“I just cut it up a little.”

He stood there and beamed a huge smile, “I thought I’d put that on for the last time, today…” I imagined my father standing outside while sorting the junk, having put his mask on to say goodbye.

No, Dad. I didn’t want to see a part of you go.


34 responses to “Not Retired Yet.

  1. Wow. cat woman II hehe
    or the lone woaman?
    But seriously.. did he wear these often? lol

    You should wear it when you go joggin next just to see whos paying attention.

      • Re: :D I didn’t think of that!

        The server is currently being a bitch and not fully starting. It went down in the storm last night and I haven’t been able to get it back up, I will work on it when my ambition level is higer.

    • I gots mad props, yo.

      Thanks – I modified the hell out of it. A mask’s eyeholes are never big enough for my buggy things.

      There’s a neat Medusa costume with this snakey headset that’d be cool to have, speaking of costumes. But… instead, hanging in my closet, is a clown suit, and… I can’t even remember where it came from.

      I also have a nun outfit. And a pair of black wings. Not sure what I wanna do for the holiday yet.

  2. Everybody’s dad is a little bit weird.

    Mine beeps and waves to nothing in particular when we’re in the car.

    My friend’s dad sits in his own inner tube at the beach and plays the recorder.

    It’s all adorable, though. I don’t think dads would be dads without their quirks.

    • I agree!

      That made me laugh. I just read this out loud to my dad and he said, “HAHA, What? What a bunch of jackasses!” before leaving the room to catch Bob Barker.

  3. N.E.R.D.!!!

    That is hilarious that you are searching for that album…I was listening to a morning show this morning talk about them as they had a listener mail in something about them playing more “black” rock bands. I have never even heard their music before-any good?

    • I think so! Check it out.

      Jsin is right “In search of” is the name of the album.

      N.E.R.D’s sound is really fresh and inventive, in my opinion. It’s kinda funky (signature live instruments), still latches onto the trendy, capitalistic BET genre, but they have an intelligence that comes through in the lyrics, too. The artists are a team that do all the composing and producing, which I think really makes it unique. It’s really their own thing.

      Out of all their projects (The Neptunes contribute to singles and they skyrocket up the charts), I recommend that album. I could go on about Parrell’s talent, but it’s unnecessary. You should really check it out – you can use Soul Seek, the online program that’s free of spyware. Or just sample tracks at and see if you’d like it.

      It’s kinda neat, because these acclaimed talents are really an evolution of the mainstream. You should download “Things Are Getting Better”, cause it’s easy and fun, but not stupid. Hear it and you’ll know what I mean.

    • That’s really awesome.

      I used to paint little, porcelain masks because I had a lot of ideas for the paints. Then I just started painting on my face, and my friends’ faces…. a little Oil of Olay mixed in with acrylic goes on smooth over skin.

  4. i wish my father had done something as interesting as wearing lone ranger masks around the house…

    well, come to think of it, he DID dress as santa claus when my sister and i were little, and would drive around the neighborhood visiting all the children.
    which in hindsight is kind of john wayne gacy, and would more than likely be frowned upon in this day and age.

    the mask pictures are quite lovely, though.
    especially the one in which your hair is framing your face. i couldn’t remember who that picture reminded me of, until i realized it was like a young daryl hannah.

  5. Since you commented in my journal, I feel it only fair to do the same to you. Gee, that sounds a lot more evil than I’d intended.

    Anydingle, that’s really cool. I always loved superheroes as a kid, and I’ve carried that (plus my utter refusal to grow up) into playing this quasi-new MMORPG called “City of Heroes.” Don’t play it if you ever want to have free time again, though.
    As for somebody calling you a nerd, nuts to that. I’ve embraced the label because I fit it, right down to the sandals with socks (when I wore sandals) and it fits. Plus, it’s kind of fun being shunned by popular culture. It’s much easier to make fun of them standing outside their inanae sphere of influence.

      • They made you wear sandals with socks? Egad.
        My personal favorite hero was always Batman because he didn’t have any superpowers at all, and he still fought crime and helped to save the world just as much as any of the other members of the Justice League.

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