From deep within my room on this day of rest…

Though I never took an interest in dolls, I coaxed many a friend of Little Brother to my room for dress-up. One boy in particular would play along musingly, strutting his stuff down an imaginary walkway while I laughed until it hurt… He’d sit on my floor, wide-eyed, asking me to sing while he played with a little cassette recorder.

From years-old tape recording:
One for the PCC.

Ryan Throne grew into a massive jock with a monster truck. One of my cheerleading girlfriends had thrown the line after seeing the JV lineup, “Shit, I’d sit on his throne.” When I saw him again, he admitted being rather elated I’d never photographed him in women’s clothing and makeup in the event that the exposure could have changed the fate of his class’ star quarterback.

“I didn’t know Chris had a sister and I had to have been over there a bunch of times. But then I heard you singing,” he recapped for me, a much deeper voice.

Daniel stopped by today. He stayed long enough to take over at the keyboard and harrass several instant message buddies while I sat on the floor’s mattress dressing him in hair clippies and random strokes of blush and body glitter.

“What the fuck are you – GET AWAY FROM ME (waving away butterfly clips). What’s this guy look like? Hang on, I’ll find out…”

Major inside joke
Here he is returning a favor for me, to someone’s disgust and immediate termination of direct user connection.

No, he doesn’t rock the mask as hard as I.

awww little avenger
But he’s a keeper.

July 26th update.. I get him to hold still long enough to do fun things.

face paint

living toy


14 responses to “From deep within my room on this day of rest…

  1. hello!

    I hope you dont mind, but I checked out your journal in turn. You strike me as pretty awesome, so I friended you (also if you dont mind).


  2. well, i just wanted to share with everyone a thing dan taught me last night while he and autumn were having so much fun… its a little thing that goes like this…


    oh never mind i can’t finish it…. not in pubic.

    but it was amusing at the time.

    • *shakes head* I’m just glad you’re a good sport.


      And let’s not act like he was the only jackass. When I looked over his shoulder, you’d suggested I might enjoy a rather crude scenario that I don’t particularly care to see.

      I watch Queer As Folk for the IN DEPTH PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTENT AND CONTROVERSIAL SOCIAL ISSUE, thank you. Flesh is just icing.

      • Re: *shakes head* I’m just glad you’re a good sport.

        Umm… ya I guess I do remember something like that. But… you know the guy was in destress…

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