Noisy and Silent.

“Pens. They’ve got pens!” Nick yelled from his side of the commercial barn, as I darted over to the Planned Parenthood booth. We were staying enthusiastic about the simple joys at Shiawassee’s County fair.

“Is this one broken?” he asked the lady working.
“Push the clip in to retract it,” she suggested.
“You apparently should have been aborted,” I mused. Nick ignored me, focused on the unguarded bowl of Tootsie Rolls at a Democrat’s table.

That reminds me. symphy ‘s mother regularly contributes to her son’s website at She recently learned that Symphy is an atheist & wrote a “Who raised you”isque response. They have a good project going, there.

My day was eventful, having scratched behind the ears of several cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. Surrey routes, 4-H food, some guy carving sculptures with his chain saw, and even – yes – a little bingo in the VFW tent. I didn’t get to the midway or grand stand this time, but I’m sure I’ll wander over there again soon. If not, I can always hear the demolition derbies and country music concerts from my backyard.

constructive, eh?

The concession aisle has a dairy barn. I kind of sort of grabbed a wooden spoon and ate an entire pint of premium chocolate ice cream. Soon ill, this girl collapsed in the vacant, grassy bowl at the center. Everything moved at some slow, sunny pace that I could hear all around me.

The windows are open and I just felt wind-blown water on my shoulder. I feel strange. Like a good word could lean me one way, and a bad one, mow me down. Hard to explain the night.

I wonder if this’ll work. It might not pick up.


That’s here. Noisy and Silent.


18 responses to “Noisy and Silent.

    • Bright Lights, Big Deal.

      I think it’s important to enjoy a little of everything. The sad thing about a lot of “big city” people is that they’re so decidedly against sweet corn, it isn’t funny.


      Their loss.

  1. I’ve never been to a fair before, state, county or otherwise. That sounds like something worth checking out sometime.

    I remember being in junior high and everyone in my classes were taking their fledgling steps into dating by taking girls to the state fair down in Detroit. I remember thinking that would be a weird place to take a girl on a date, but my parents’ first date was to a rodeo and I’d never gone to a fair, so what did I know?

    Bout as much as I do now, seems.


      I attended Flint’s fair with a few boyfriends once, and we saw a lot of hard drugs, weaponry and gang clothing. One of the rides broke down… someone was shot and killed. No barns. No…exhibit barn.

      Fun stuff, but not as good as real fairs.

    • Fries! With Vinegar!

      Checking my e-mail about this fair is making me want to slip my shoes on and head back over.

      They have an endless supply of little death stands. Every traditional elephant ear (bavarian creme, cinnamon, syrup), taffy, caramel apple thing you can imagine, and then some. I just got what I wanted the most, which was also under 2 bucks.

      What do you usually get?

      • Re: Fries! With Vinegar!

        I’ve always been a fan of the funnel cake. Its pretty much the same as an elephant ear, usually a little chewier in Texas. I refuse to go to the “Cirque de Deathtrap” that sets up came in the mall parking lot, so I’m waiting for the greatness of the State Fair of Texas. The new fad has been to deep fry the unhealthiest food possible…two years ago it was deep fried Twinkies, last year was deep fried Oreos. Maybe this year they’ll wrap a birthday cake with bacon and deep fry it. Call it Cakon.

        I just want to play a few midway games, do my impression of Big Tex, ride bumper cars, and then spend 2 hours in traffic getting out of Dallas…I love the fair.

  2. I haven’t been to a county fair in years. When I was a kid, I had friends whose families had farmland with cattle and horse stables. That used to be a regular part of my summer. Then one year, I just stopped going. I don’t remember why.

    • You should check it out sometime.

      My family won some kind of…first place…homemakers award, a few years ago. We’d all entered a few things in the exhibit barn – tomatoes, chives, cucumbers, cabbage, wild floral arrangements, artwork, quilts, table arrangements, scare crows, etc… It gave us free passes for the whole week, and we got cash rewards.

      Heh – we took a yellow broom and cut the bristles to look like Bart Simpson, for a scarecrow. I remember picking it up in the garden one day, to restake it somewhere else, and baby bunnies fell out.

    • :D

      That’s pretty sweet. We have the typical draft horse pulls, rodeos, etc…

      But does Loraine have the WORLD’S tallest cake tower?
      I don’t think so.

      And does this alleged Loraine you speak of, have a LIVE SHARK EXHIBIT?

      Shiawassee County sure’s the hell does. Oops, I almost forgot – senior citizen tap dancers, the ShiaHi Kickers. Yes, Siree.

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