GetLine() Approach vs The Old Way

My dad has always had a million spare parts of equipment lying around. Yesterday I wanted to copy from CD to cassette and discovered that, despite the many tools and machines, anything that could do that for me was shot. It’s frustrating when the dual cassette is missing its chord, a disc player too dusty to read, the buttons on a player being stuck, a karaoke machine’s speed dial broken, to name a few reigning annoyances. Rather than bother with the junk pile, I didn’t hesitate to run into town for a new toy.

Retrieval Electric
char Name[great_dame];

-_- ;



struct secretz{

present main()

char filters[0];
contact secret;

iAM.get_thought(myPersonality, ‘<3’);
cout << myPersonality << endl;



Mornings ache, but I struggled to arrive in the waiting room in time for a 20-minute session with some toddler’s germy blocks clanking together. Their primary colors gave me a headache. My father’s insurance plan is one of the few things desperately trying to keep me connected to society, and I mused at how human it felt to sit with these other appointments. There we were, about our teeth.

The Flint practice has had the same scraping ladies for as long as I can remember, and I always get stuck with the ruthless brute. Big, fat woman with snotty voice and sharp instruments, decorated her little station with motivational penguin posters. Every fucking round, she’s just as moody. It’s clear that someone has finally warned her about poor behavior, because she kept insisting, “And I’m not yelling at you. Some people think I yell!”

Waiting for my dentist to check on me gives ample time to eye the trailer outside their windows. A woman in a super market vest washes dishes. In an effort to block out the horrible easy listening station, I try to find the doctor with my ears.

“Am I wasting all of my money if this isn’t working?”
“It takes a while to catch up with cavities, Carolyn. But if you don’t want the procedure, I can pull the tooth. Whatever you want to do. You don’t have a whole lot of teeth left over there.”

I didn’t cause as much frustration. He says I got my first cavity, though, and “if I had teeth like yours, I’d pay to get the white filling.” Stupid clothes, frames, eye wrinkles, and my brain took a photo. Then he said my teeth were beautiful, on top of it. Appreciation must be sexy, because he started to look attractive when he smiled.

–>Insert racy sex scene here, if you so wish to improve the truth.<– Ooh, or, change my dentist to a female and write some SLASH

The man ahead of me was scheduling for next time with his hands on this big kit of special brushes and super rinse. I felt proud of my smile, never having required a hundred dollar vibrator with bristles.


24 responses to “GetLine() Approach vs The Old Way

      • Shhh. (I have every album).

        I love Britney Spears like any guilty pleasure – no good reason. It’s a secret, in-person, unless you make it to my room and catch me with her on my CD Rack and DVD bin.

        “Oh my God. I would never have guessed” is a common reaction.

      • Re: Shhh. (I have every album).

        i actually have a secret love of that toxic song.

        well, actually, since i sing it loudly if it comes on and have it on a mixed cd, it is a not so secret love.

        you can’t really help liking some of her stuff, since the neptunes have produced some of her stuff. they have single handedly dropped my taste in music with all their collaborations.

      • I heard a good remix from her In the Zone bonus CD.

        I think her video is so neat. I can’t remember what she does for her live version, though… her latest tour isn’t as flashy as that Las Vegas DVD of hers.

        I like the Neptunes, too. Fuck what anyone says about your taste. Listen to what you enjoy and know that it is good, no matter where it comes from.

      • Re: STFU.

        Quick name 95 songs that start with the letter Q with the subject of illegal moonshine distribution.

        I am gonna need 14 black artist in there too.

        And no guitars…at all.

      • Re: I heard a good remix from her In the Zone bonus CD.

        don’t worry about that. i too big of a collection of bad horror movies and pro wrestling dvds to worry about people thinking highly of my taste.

      • Re: I heard a good remix from her In the Zone bonus CD.

        no, but someone did give me chainsaw hookers for christmas.

        which i still have yet to watch.

    • *sets the alarm for 9:30*

      damn. i should go. I mean, he’s just about my favorite musician in the whole wide world. Have you ever read “tramps like us”? It’s all about fanaticism and apparently, his live performances take people over like a holy ghost.

      He can so have me.

      *thinks* Goddamn, he’s great. I mean really. Whatever I was thinking before I read this? Out the fucking window. I can’t remember.

      Bruce. Bruce. Bruce.

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