So I guess this makes me pretty gay, too.

The other day’s entry about a certain comic hero on my Diet Dr. Pepper got me to thinking…

*snap, snap, snap, snap….*

Autumn’s Voice Here

Remember that!! Catchy.

So I was all like, “Well, that was fun enough. Good song. That’ll be funny. Now I’m gonna go to bed. But first….”

Mocking Someone Else

You can practically hear the difference in layers of clothing. This is gonna be one of those things I wake up tomorrow and wince, about having done.


“I’m a boarder – no fancy pants
but still ILL Mitch can do a dancy dance
if ladies fans have a foxy leg
ILL Mitch beat, beat, beat it like a boxing bag
Two guys fans “Hey let’s go to lunch”
Oh that guy want to fight don’t look at me punch”

The 2003 Peter Pan movie is fun. I wish it was the only one I’d ever seen. With Disney out of the way, it could be a little more cruel and romantic, like it was intended. (Captain Hook walks up to a fairy and says, “I don’t believe in fairies,” and it drops dead. That kinda thing.)

That story stirs mixed emotions, in me – the allure of the dark pirate, the jealousy of the female fairy, Peter Pan’s anti-feelings being his “greatest pretend”… And by the end…you get it. I’d walk away from Never Never Land, too, if it meant I’d never be with my parents, again.

Alright. Goodnight.


10 responses to “So I guess this makes me pretty gay, too.

  1. You have a nice voice.

    So, I’m sure you’ve been asked this a million times already but I saw you mentioned Flint Chronicles in your archives and was just wondering if you’d ever met (or if you knew) Michael Moore.

    • haha. I’ve never been asked that.

      I’ve never met Mr.Moore. I’ve been asked if I’ve met The Dayton Family, though. I guess the Insane Clown Posse hang around Flint a lot, too.

      You might like , I think it is. It’s like The Onion, especially for Flinttown.

    • Re: Oh Baby, Baby.

      I think that song is sweet.

      “I still believe…”

      No one believes, anymore.

      For her In the Zone tour, she took “Hit Me, Baby (One More Time)” and slowed it down with a live band, cabaret-style. Actually sings. Kinda neat.

  2. I must agree with you about the 2003 Peter Pan movie. I rented it when my mom was going through her breast cancer scare and, oddly enough, it opened up a door to a conversation about how much we both miss being a kid. It was enjoyable at our age, but it’s also a movie that I would let my kids watch, when I have kids.

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