I am officially addicted, or, Game On

As I understand it, someone took two technologies and combined them to create the ass kickingest pinball to ever grace a monitor. Pinmame was connected to Visual Pinball scripts and birthed Visual Pinmame. Physics, shadow, display screens, realistic ball, the works – this is a giant step up from the Pinbot I used to play on Nintendo. It’s blowing my mind, because I’m looking at the same machines I’ve stood in front of, feeding quarters into.


http://www.vpforums.com/vptables/tables.php <– the URL you need. In order to download the files, visit the forum and register. Note that mandatory files are unlimited but you can only grab 5 games a day. Visit the screen captures to help you decide.

1. Create a folder in drive C – Vpinmame, Pinball, YourMom, whatever
2. Make 2 folders within that folder: ROM and Samples.
3. Download Visual Pinball TB6.1 & VpinMAME 1.32.001, unzip to Vpinmame and install.
4. Click the VPinMAME setup program, and when the window with the directories comes up, make sure the path reads to c:\Vpinmame\rom
5. Download the newest VBS scripts, unzip them into Tables folder.
6. Download font pack v3.8 and put it in your Windows font folder (start, find, Fonts)
7. Download the PinMAME samples and unzip to Samples folder
8. Download new tables into the Tables folder
9. Download ROMs (to the right of the table files) to ROM folder, (don’t unzip these)
10. Click in Tables, the game you want to play. Click “yes” to the legality question.

* see URL for any additional requirements. This runs fine on my Win 98 SE.
* some people might get a notice from their anti-virus about questionable files before the game starts.
* General Commands: #5 inserts quarters, #1 is start button, ENTER is launcher, SHIFTS are flippers, space button is Tilt function

If the above directions are confusing, the program comes with an installation guide. If you have any problems, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out any way I can. jsin00 is the guy who clued me in, and he can help you out, too.


13 responses to “I am officially addicted, or, Game On

  1. Im sure this is the reason your not posting as much this week.. I am still downloading my 5 a day, it brings back mucho memories, and a great time killer here at work. Thank you again for makin my day go a lil bit better

  2. Re: :D

    o no… were gonna loose our AutumMay im on the movie pass too, I got 2 to watch tonight even, such a time killer, I really should do somthing more constructive… one of these days I suppose

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