Last Night

I had a dream that my brother and I were in a trailer, being driven by my aunt. She was looking to park it by their pond, and I watched out the window with my brother as our grandfather’s property flashed by. For some reason, it was a few hundred acres larger, like looking down from a plane and seeing elaborate patches of field, forest and valley. A monster-sized horse was pulling some machinery across a deep lake. Suddenly very excited, I grabbed at Chris and told him that this was where my mother wanted to be, when she dies.

(I should have known everything was fake, because my grandfather died and his farm is being sold off, bit by bit. It looks nothing like it used to.)

Then it became unclear as to whether or not my mother was alive, and whether or not I was somewhere real. It was filling me with worry and sadness, but at the same time it was peaceful, seeing the outside view. I thought about wanting to be with my mom, where/however she was, and the transition changed.

I was looking into a car that had four doors open, and a few people seemingly fixing it up, inside. Annoyed by the bees, I turned around and saw someone trying to eat part of a honeycomb that had bees all over it. Moving away from the scenario, the dream changed a little more until I was standing in front of a house.

The house shot up into the air in layers, like it was being raised from the outside. Quickly, the entire thing was hovering in pieces before it rose higher and then slammed down to the ground by the force of a powerful wind. Shingles and siding became sand.

Suddenly, I was watching people running down long, wide halls, escaping from a horrible, crunching noise. The building was getting torn apart like a tornado was passing through it, from one end to the other. I don’t know if I was running with them or just seeing everything. Then I woke up.

* I’d like to credit a tech forum for helping me fix a MSScript window error, Cyber Tech, and there are some neat tools in their downloads section. I had never tried Hijack This before, and it fixed my problem. The tech who suggested it was a girl, too :) That was neat.


12 responses to “Last Night

  1. I’ve bookmarked Cyber Tech…I’ll check it out next time I’ve got a question. I just tried my weird tech problem of the day (questions about Citrix licensing) and got no joy, but maybe it’ll be good for some of the other random crap I deal with on a day to day basis. Thanks!

  2. I’ll have to keep Cyber Tech in mind next time my computer decides to throw a fit, thanks for sharing the link.

    I wish I could remember my dreams in such detail. But maybe it’s for the best, I’ve always tried to analyze and find meaning in mine, but no such luck. I’ve only been successful in finding frustration in the waking hours, trying to remember what it was I was dreaming about.

  3. Hey Miss May… I was browsing through.. saw your pic and was like “I know her.” Long time… and was just curious about how your doing. Let me know. I miss all the great music there use to be… :) Interesting dream… I wish I remembered any of mine. talk later, I hope. Jenn P.

    • Definitely.

      Oh, holy cow! Hi! *virtual wave*

      I added you as a friend :) Thanks for dropping by.

      I noticed your journal had some drama going on. I hope things settle down for you, soon.

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