More Than One Way To Cook

E-mail from Mom at work says: Autumn I have to pick up Chris and take him to the license bureau, won’t have time to make dinner. MAKE CHILLI BUT NOT TOO SPICY. Thanks.

**evil grin**

I realized a report was due while sitting in class during the daily news program, giving me 10 minutes of TV before my fate. Risky a move as it was, I glanced over at a chick’s pink paperback and judged the cover. It had some kind of title about being an adolescent girl that her parents didn’t understand, with an illustration of a pastel bedroom, messy with wrinkled clothes and rock posters. Ripping off a piece of lined paper, I began writing whatever lollygagging shit came to mind. I stole the student’s choice of reading material, used the same title and author, and wrote a quick overview of the story.

“The main character was a creative girl, and stubborn. She wasn’t getting along with her mother on anything. One of the main disagreements involved the year-end event. Blah blah blah, eventually, she picked a prom dress they both agreed on. Minimal skin exposure, not too short-not too elderly yadda yadda, everyone was happy and the daughter and Mommy loved each other again.”

You know. That kind of horsehit.

When the paper came back, I saw that my teacher had written, “In my 10 years of teaching as a profession, I have never read such fantastic character description.”

“Oh, good,” I thought, pleased the report had passed, let alone with an “A”. Then I looked ahead to the classmate who had actually read the book. It said “C-“ and something along the lines of “see me if you’d like a redo.” She approached the teacher and I heard him saying, “I don’t think you really grasped the moral of this story…”

This trip down memory lane has been brought to you by the recent viewing of “Shattered Glass”. It’s a pretty good movie. I picked it up today, read as much as “journalist”, “Rolling Stone”, and “controversy”, which was enough to convince me. It’s all about the downfall of Stephen Glass.

It made me think about my own writing, and the responsibility when publishing something for public viewing. When it’s a matter of non-fiction Blogging, I want the material to be reliable. An accurate event is more important to me, than “who finds it interesting”. This necessary truth, obviously not the same priority that Mr. Glass abided by, comforts me.

This is one thing that can never come crashing down, around me.


12 responses to “More Than One Way To Cook

  1. Reminds me of the paper I had to write for my film class on “Searching for Bobby Fischer”. I’d skipped class the day they actually watched it, and I had to write it based on a vague memory of the time I’d seen it 3 years previous. An excellent film though, and full of Mantagna-y goodness.

    • :) That’s cool.

      It has been a long time since I felt the rush of being turned on at the last minute. I remember considering this years ago, that my drive was dying… and soon after, the deadlines ceased…

      it was like a certain death.

      • Re: :) That’s cool.

        I’d love it if panic weren’t my only source of motivation, especially now that nothing panics me anymore. I just read in the school paper that this complete spare I used to know has written a crappy book about whiny vampires and werewolves and shit, and so now I’m tempted to crank out a novel, just to continue my dominance over him. If that isn’t a good reason to create, then I don’t know what is.

      • Re: :) That’s cool.

        My arch enemy is getting by. A friend of a friend reported having seen him at their resort, in a downstairs basement…. table covered in drugs.

        He still drives a piece of shit, so it makes me feel a little better, to know he apparently isn’t that well off, juggling dealing and vaccuum sales.

      • Re: :) That’s cool.

        You just know that someday those two vocations will mix with predictibly hilarious results.

        I can’t believe it, this guy wrote a book, based in this town, complete with names of actual businesses and places. How much lazier can you get?

        I have too many arch enemies to keep track of. Howeer, I’m fairly sure I’m doing better than at least half of them. I hope so anyway, otherwise i wouldn’t be keeping up my end of the nemesis bargain.

      • Re: :) That’s cool.

        I get the weirdest shit back, to me.

        “Isn’t she a lesbian? Nicole saw her at pride” is the most recent, to my knowledge.

        I should write a book based on this town – OH WAIT, goats and windmills don’t make the best-sellers list. Damn.

      • Re: :) That’s cool.

        Or make the windmills sharpened blades and the goats… BLOOD SSSSUCKING! And be like, “This is my hometown… on LSD and other various drugs I bought from ___arch nemesis name here___” I’d fit in the social science section, too.

        “High on a hill was a lonely goatherd,
        ladydee oh-da-layhee-oh-dalay-hee hoo!”

  2. Hey Autumn expect a package from me in the next few days, I had postponed sending it out because of a CD I was getting in the mail, I copied it and sent it along with the other 7 or 8 CD’s.

    It’s a surprise, nothing THAT exciting but still pretty cool shit.

    Did that girl ever get The Faint CD? If not I will try to send her one out again bust I sent that shit too her.

    • Forget About It.

      She had to have – I never heard from her, again. Fuck her if she didn’t. The kids at laundro can get fucked for all I care. I HATE bartering with teenagers.

      I recently got bitched at in a Britney Spears forum for offering $3 for basic 2 track singles (originals). Someone was like, “WOAH a whopping 3 dollars?!?!” and they got bombed by everyone else who wanted to sell me their scuffed cds that record stores don’t accept…

      It was funny because I typed things like “omg” and “like” in order to blend. And said, “Woah, that kind of behavior is SO not cool. Are you sure you’re in the right place, cuz.. this isn’t the Christina Aguliera forum.”

      All the teeny boppers were like, “oooooooh!”

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