Draft before bed.

I have a fantastic amount of caffeine at my side and enough surrounding media to delight.

Pumpkin Beast (a name given to Mandi for being an oversexed redhead) and Gay Dan (awarded to him for being a homo) have been taking low blows to each other.

G.D: That dumb bitch is so dumb. She needs to grow up.

P.B: I will give you two thumbs up for your choice of words in that sentence. Makes you sound about as intelligent as, well, maybe an ardvark. I have grown up.

G.D: It just doesn’t take a few run-ins with the law, a weekend in jail and a four-wheeler to put things into perspective. Whatever happened to college, Mandi? Whatever happened to the Army, Mandi? Of course, you found a circle of guys and were too busy trying to screw them into liking you.

P.B: If hanging out with a circle of guys is being a whore then God Autumn must be a whore, too.

Autumn May: I like being called God Autumn.

P.B: I don’t talk about you in my posts, anymore; why do you even fathom typing my name? You are Dan the fucking flaming fag. I have heard about your little dress-up bullshit. You look like shit with your makeup on; some guys look hot wearing eyeliner but you aren’t one of them. A slap on the wrist by going to jail for a weekend, which was like church camp, or to be humiliated and fucked in the ass by four dudes.

And I’m pretty close with my family. I personally don’t have any secrets to hide from mine, do you?

G.D: If your name is mentioned in my journal it’s for the comical value. Plain and simple.

P.B: So help me god, if you mention my name in any of your posts again…

Autumn May: Refresh page! Notify me of replies! Howdy, doody!


5 responses to “Draft before bed.

    • Re: Yar Matey.

      I lost my icons when I had to restore my system. At the time, the drives were broken and everything was fucking terrible. I couldn’t burn anything off and had no virtual garage. But I’m over it.

      People were slamming me anyway, saying how self-righteous it was to have multiple author icons.

  1. x h x c x

    What a great story.
    Smart to get out before things get hot.
    So THAT’s why you have a list of all your cd’s … I thought you were just eccentric. So most of those are not what you like to listen to? Theyre just for sale? Part of my perception of you (more so in the beginning) was reached because of all those varied cds you said you owned. You’re a cool person, you know. Ive met a lot of dipshits – and really great people too – and you are true blue, Autumn. A fragile leader, like myself. That last sentence was too far wasnt it?

    • yep.

      While I adore Marilyn Manson –> Britney Spears, there is a handfull in the spectrum that I do not listen to, and use as trading cards. If they weren’t still so popular, I would have trashed em.

      Such as: Michelle Branch, Clay Aiken, Sarah Mglaghlan, Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Dashboard Confessional, Avril Lavigne, Save Ferris, The Donnas, Poison the Well, Unicorns, Hilary Duff, All-American Rejects, Zebrahead, etc. I’m not into very many pop/post punk titles, emo groups, ska, certain pop, etc. Much of those varieties is junk to me, and I anticipate trading the last copy away.

      I’ve narrowed things down by a good 100, but need to dump the excess soon.

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