Checking In

I just braved the first snow of the season in a V6 Astro van, so I am feeling accomplished! Not everyone on the road was making it home okay; there were several clusters of police lights and off-road vehicles decorating M-21. Maybe this means that my mother’s family will be unable to make it for dinner. Seeing as how I don’t feel like looking decent or speaking kindly, the possibility of a Thanksgiving raincheck sounds wonderful. I’m just so tired, and sleep hasn’t been easy or plentiful.

Last weekend our Lebowsky center was sold out to 650 people for Battle of the Bands. Brad had come up from Detroit to visit and Roy’s band was in the lineup, so, I was excited. Unfortunately no one had a drop of talent that I could hear and one band in wetsuits played plastic instruments as a joke. It might have been funny, hadn’t we waited the 20 minutes for setup and takedown.

I made a new friend, who squeezed past our row of knees to sit down and shout “ROY SUCKS” in the midst of a cheering crowd.

“Not everyone likes Roy,” he informed me, pointing at himself.

Brad paid for drinks, which was really considerate. Someone gave me their number and I threw it away in a state of drunkenness, wondering, “Why the fuck is there a napkin in my pocket?”

We took new boy Josh back to his home, where I had a lesson in the masculine knitting that is chainmaille. We talked about Dracula and metal. After spending some time with him, I could tell that his ability to be loud and cocky was a condition. He’s kind of stuck on obnoxious, hyper and occasionally twitching. Eventually the two of us were able to talk in fragments, sounds and horselaughs until we could barely breathe, and everyone else just shook their heads.

Brad brought Em, a black guy who let me call him Blacky. I asked him if he had a sawed off 9 and he said no. I asked if he had a hollow heat seeker and he said no. I asked him if he had a loaded tech… you get the idea. It was his first time in the country, and we all stared at him because he looked so funny, here. He died laughing whenever I tried using slang.

Someone called the police while we were playing PSII, which was interesting. It’s a low rent apartment and the officer had us rounded up in the kitchen, treating us like hoodlums that… a percentage of the guests very well might have been. After all, a number of the people I had talked to that night had said something about probation, and there were plenty of drugs, everywhere.

I kind of stepped in and spoke politely, which caused a drastic change in the officer’s tone. After he gave a strike and took off, I said I was going to bail and head home, where there weren’t restrictions on my noise level.
Josh grabbed my sleeve, looked at me through drunk eyes, and said, “Don’t leave me.” So… moments later, we were all watching Dawn of the Dead on my mattress.

I think Brad tried to hold my hand, so I had to do a funny readjust/scoot thing to get our arms untangled. It was a fun weekend.


19 responses to “Checking In

  1. Sounds like an evening of fun and excitement had by all! The worse thing about cavities, is that stupid needle that they jam into your face. It’s like dont worry the novacaine will kick in soon. *stab stab stab*

    I think the funniest inccident I’ve ever seen was with a friend from high school, involving the dentist. He came to school after getting some work done on his teeth and we asked him a question. He started mumbling and drooling on himself. It was a good laugh…. for us anyways. Not for him cause he drooled all over his new jacket. :-/

  2. I can’t ever do the whole “let me untangle myself from you” when I’m drunk. I’m far too outspoken, and usually end up embarrassing the guy and making myself look like a cocky assface — “Hey man!! What the f*ck do you think you’re doing!! My arm was there jerk!!”

    You know, that kind of thing.

  3. How much snow did you get out there?

    BTW, I noticed you have a nifty pirate flag for a curtain… Any idea where I can get a smaller one for my car?? I’ve been looking for one for years and have come up with nothing. :(

    • erhm…

      Looks like… 2 inches or so. My dog keeps sticking her snout in it and sneezing, I see.

      Re: pirate flag – they had smaller ones at Halloween USA…about the size of those football team flags people hang out the window.

    • You could find that flag at a ‘big’ army surplus store in your area. I’ve seen them for sale at two different ‘main’ ones around here. They will probably also have all kinds of other weird flags, and different style pirate flags. :)

  4. “Don’t leave me” Very Hollywood… lol

    I’m due for a dentists appt., and some cavity fills. The cavities never bug me until after i get them filled.

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Quizzy

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