The Three B’s

The first part of the holiday season was riddled with challenging appearances. The idea of listing these encounters makes me uneasy, as I don’t wish to point out the Ghosts of Christmas Resolution. There are feelings of triumph and best wishes, but I’ve still walked away with uncomfortable feelings about nearly every bitch I’ve ever tried to forget. For the record, however, I must admit that the run-ins were worth their conclusions. I feel Beyond.

I’m in the middle of Busy but wanted to sneak in some kind of unloading entry. Earlier, a girl walked out of the drug store and flipped one of those sewn-onto-the-sweater scarves around her neck and I thought, “I’m seeing like I write.” A desire to think and scribble has been here but things are still too occupied to make use of the attention I’ve been paying. It’s nothing surprising, considering the time of year. Like anyone else, there were all these things to do, all this stress from crossing things off, etc.

Maybe I’m one of those people who aren’t happy unless they have a darker perspective. My December has taken off from such a dull standstill that all of this perfection is making my head spin, and I’d really like it to stop before I puke sugarplums.

Spirits! I’ve had enough! Return my grip on reality and I promise I will make Better use of it, this time around.


11 responses to “The Three B’s

  1. I have to agree

    The month started out so-so for me but as of late it just seems like everything has become almost perfect…and I think I hate it. Without drama there is nothing exciting to report, no shit to talk behind peoples backs and nothing to gossip about.

    Even when something bad happened (DVD player died) I had a really fun night staying up until 6am (At Carla’s until 3:30am, then just hanging out around town to stay awake) to go to Meijer’s to get a cheap one when it went on sale.

    I just hope life can ease out of this instead of the floor falling out from underneath me.

    • Re: I have to agree

      Hey! My boy Brad is coming up here for New Years. The forecast says “freezing rain” for the next 2 days on top of it – so we’ll just be lounging around the house if he makes it from Detroit okay. Sorry to decline your invitation – definitely next time.

      By the way. I’m looking for a buddy to go to Canada with me….maybe like, hold the mapquest directions and whatnot. Maybe say a prayer as we scoot along in a funny-sounding Astro van. Am looking to go sometime in January – sound at all like something you’d be up for? I have enough munnies for gas and food, and want to make it a no-sleep trip…

      IM me for my intentions. You may not wish to accompany me once you find out why I need another country’s laws.

  2. Miss May. Which drug store do you work at ma’am? I can stop by and see ya sometime, while I’m still here. I would love to see you again.

    Thank you for the wonderful Christmas card, by the way! I’m a little slow when it comes to returning them. I didn’t give out any this year actually. (Bad Jenn!) But Thank you all the same!!!

    • JENNI! I have all these tokens for Fun City that I didn’t use, last time – would you be up for some air hockey? If you aren’t broke, maybe you’d want to hit Subway with me, too, and, if the City is closed, I figure we can just come back here and play piano or somethin. Let me know when you’re free – I don’t have anything planned until January, so I’ll be home a lot. :)

      If you come over, we can jump in one of our vehicles from here and take off.

  3. Hey!

    Hey i miss you :) Im back finally out of the Hole. Wow YOu changed your journal, how did you do the fading and all that jazz ?

    Im sending you a Christmas package at the end of this month, Do you live at the same address??? Let me know if you have anything for sell or trade I knwo that your trading journal is gone now :(

    Take care!@! I hope you had good holidays

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