I Will Be Scarce For A While

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Is there a doctor on my friends list?

A few nights ago, I woke from a nightmare of bubble-sheet testing with what felt like an ulcer. I swallowed alka-seltzer tablets and my stomach settled enough for sleep. The next day, I drove around a lot and stayed out all afternoon and evening, which exhausted me. I remember thinking how weird it was, to be so tired from having driven on the freeway and seen a movie. It’s not like the events should have been stressful. On top of becoming exhausted, one of my lymph nodes was beginning to feel sore.

I woke up half-dead from my day out. It was harder than usual to concentrate – resorting to the audio tapes of the latest Harry Potter is now as failed an effort as reading the text. I became increasingly irritable and spaced-out through the course of the day, and went to bed with a fever. I woke every two hours and felt like I was crawling with my last breath to the toilet and back. The night after that, I was so cold that my body shook and tensed up, making it difficult to draw in air. A few hours later? So hot I was sweating.

I can’t walk very far, because standing up causes dizziness. Without Dayquil Cold/Flu and Aspirin, there is a lot of pressure in my head. My body’s sore. My eyes can’t stand bright light. I can’t sit here for very long. I must go fall over.


22 responses to “I Will Be Scarce For A While

  1. Sounds very much like a sinus infection. For that, you’ll need antibiotics. Amoxicillin is a common one. They’re all prescription, of course. Note well — if you’re using birth control, antibiotics neutralize them, i.e., birth control pills won’t work while you’re taking antibiotics.

    I just had a bout with that very infection over Thanksgiving. I’m sorry you’re going through that mess.

  2. I am still going with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you’re always so damn tired.

    Or like you guessed, Mono. You really should take your temp. when you’re so damn cold, when I had my 104.5 or whatever fever I was FREEZING!.

  3. This sounds nothing like a sinus infection. I suffer from serious chronic sinus infections and have my whole life. I’ve had them so bad that I’m sure I have strep, and I’ve had strep before. It’s bad…Cancel that.

    It sounds like mono to me.

      • Affecting concentration, swollen lymph nodes, fever, dizziness, head pressure, tiredness, weakness, and sensitivity to light all come with sinus infection. I’ve had them, too. They do suck like the day is long.

        But, the body aches do throw it just a little bit. And mono does have all that plus body ache. So, yeah. Mono just didn’t jack me quite so hard. Hope it gets sorted soon.

  4. damn. sounds like me this time last year. i felt so bad i had my dad take me to the ER. took a blood test. mono!!

    go get checked out.
    You’re in my thoughts! :)

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