Where Have The Petoskys Gone? *inside joke*

Living out in the country, you get a lot of strays. Shelters will charge to take in new pets, so a lot of people will just drive the unwanted cats and dogs out this way and dump them. Typically with my mother yelling from the front porch about rabies and other scary things, I make my way out into the road and attempt to coax the animal over. There is usually an hour or two playing with the dogs before animal control shows up.

It’s always a sad thing, when you realize how unlikely it is that someone will pay money to save the animal from its fate.

When we left on New Year’s Eve, there was a weird shape moving on the road.

“What is that?” Brad asked, driving towards it.
“Fox? No. I don’t know. Slow down, it’s a dog!”

As soon as I got out and started to call after it, the mutt took off for the field and looked back with uncertainty. Because I was with company and thought it inappropriate to waste time, I quickly gave up and climbed back into the van. Coming back home on the first day of the new year, that big puppy was lying, dead in the road.

When I relayed the sad news to my dad, he asked, “Near the big tree out there?” as he had seen it earlier in the week.


“Was probably waiting there for its owner to come back.”


8 responses to “Where Have The Petoskys Gone? *inside joke*

  1. I always feel so sorry for the strays, because there is nothing to say that they can’t be perfectly good pets when given a chance. Of course, I could be HUGELY biased since I used to voluteer at a centre that took in stray/unwanted dogs, and my own dog was previously abandoned :P

  2. glad you’re feeling better.

    my red sox 2004 world series champs balloon is slowly deflating as well… symbolic. heh

    i’m actually thinking of adopting a cat for my friends. thanks for reminding me! :)


  3. I live in the country now, too….

    We do not have strays in the country where I live. We have deers and foxes. They are big to me and scary to me, too. The deers make noises in the trees when they hear you coming and it scares me. Then, I start making my baboon noises because I am scared and the foxes come out to see what it happening and I get even more asscared because they can eat me. I want to teach them about being vegan but now is not good for me.

    I am glad you are feeling better.

    Much love to you!
    ♥ Ramses

  4. I have physical violence dreams for short periods when I am truly unhappy with something in my awake life. Usually trouble with other people; interpersonal relationships. Or worrying too much.
    But these days I’m back to occasional flying dreams, quite opposite!

    I am glad to hear you feel better – keep resting & feel even MORE better!

    • The Axe

      Yeah, I always go back every few months and chop things off that I don’t care to have in the recent view. And if a post has been slightly edited, it pops back up in bloglines.

      I find it especially annoying when an LJ friend has written some long thing and then goes back 100 times that week, fixing spelling errors one at a time. I have to see it load in Bloglines every time. But the service is worth getting to see public posts that someone deletes later on. I love that.

      • Re: The Axe

        I have this urge to photoshop that picture of you and put a little alien jaw with sharp teeth coming out of your smile.

      • Speaking of the grill.

        I got an anonymous hate-comment recently that said something like “your sad and your gums are huge. goodbye. p.s. get cancer”.

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