Mandatory Exercise of the Paid User’s Feature, Check My Entry Boxes

Humor me. Your answers will be viewable by everyone.

*If you think you’d be interested in answering 4 more, let me know via comment section and I’ll provide you with questions that allow opportunity for longer answers. Please let me know when you’ve posted so I can go check them out, and consider offering this service to your readers.


52 responses to “Mandatory Exercise of the Paid User’s Feature, Check My Entry Boxes

    • here you are.

      1. If you could be on the cover of any magazine next month, which magazine would you want it to be and what would the caption say?

      2. If you had to go tonight to be tattooed, where on your body would you have it done and what would you select?

      3. Describe one of the most memorable nights of your life.

      4. Name one thing about your life right now that you would not change.

      • Re: here you are.

        1. DJ Times : ” Underground DJ Rocks The Clubs In Minnesota ”

        2. I would take a compass rose(sp?) split it right down the middle on the underside of my forearms ( so when I bring my arms together it comes together ), inside the rows of the rose (heh heh ) I would have the respective element pointing in it’s respective direction.

        3. The night I first DJ-ed at my school…..people came up and just were aghast cause it was a side of me they never saw before.

        4. THe fact that my leg is messed up because my best friend broke it 5 years ago….it is annoying, but in the end, it all works out.

    • haha, you nerd.

      1. Choose a television personality to be president of the United States, and explain why you chose them.

      2. If you could avoid any one physical ailment in your old age, what would it be?

      3. Name the best example of fate that you know.

      4. If you could go back to high school to relive one event as you wish it had been, what would it be?

      • Re: haha, you nerd.

        1. Jimmy Fallon, because he’s awfully cute and he couldn’t do any worse than our current pres.

        2. Ugh…all of them. The idea of getting Alzheimer’s scares me to death, but if I actually had it would I know? Or care?

        3. I’ll come back to this one.

        4. I wish my journalism teacher would have just given me a “B”. I didn’t want to be a straight A student, and I earned a B, dammit.

        3. Fate doesn’t play a big role in my life. I like the idea of fate as a concept, but really I just don’t think I buy it. At least not tonight…ask me again next week.

      • Re: haha, you nerd.

        I’d be pissed if I’d gotten that question, myself, so I’ll toss another one at you – if you had to add 1 sentence to the U.S. Constitution, what would it say?


      1. Name when the most difficult period of your life was, and what made it hard.
      2. If you could communicate with any type of animal, which would you pick and why?
      3. Name the person who was an important role model in your life.
      4. Name the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone, emotionally.

      • Re: BRING IT ON SISTA!

        1. The most difficult period of my life was during my early to mid twenties. It was a time of self discovery and learning how to deal with choices that were made good or bad.
        2. I would say all animals but a specific type would be a cat because they are hard to read rather than a dog who you can easily tell what is on their minds.
        3. There have been role models in my life but the one who stands out the most would be my boss and my friend, Lori.
        4. Ouch, it isn’t pleasant to look back at things you have done to others especially when the hurt is emotional. The worst thing I have done is to make a list of someone’s faults and things that irritated me. After the list was written I then sent it to that person. It cuts both ways.

    • Re: :)

      1.If you could free yourself from one burden in your life, what would it be?
      2. Name a time when you truly went “beyond the call of duty”.
      3. Name one of the best “I told you so”s that you got to deliver.
      4. If you discovered a Shakespeare manuscript that no one else had ever seen, what would you do with it?

      • Re: :)

        1.If you could free yourself from one burden in your life, what would it be?
        the answer could be… not get overweight… have money to do anything i want… but all those things happen when i am happy and can focus on things ahead. what makes me happy is being in a relationship that is a match. its happened once. i’d like to be relieved of the burden of having to spend time pondering a person like that. i wish she’d just like knock on the door and not leave or something. :)

        2. Name a time when you truly went “beyond the call of duty”.
        a friend was suicidal and i spent months just doing whatever she needed me to do whenever she needed it… she was my highest priority i made arrangements to go to her at a moments notice. she made it and has been slowly getting better! :)

        3. Name one of the best “I told you so’s that you got to deliver.
        when National Public Networking went national i got to inform the “you can’t possibly do that without millions of dollars” board members that we’d done it.

        4. If you discovered a Shakespeare manuscript that no one else had ever seen, what would you do with it?
        sell it to the highest bidder… with the stipulation that the script has to be released.

    • 1. If every night you could have one singer appear to sing for you, who would you choose?
      2. Name the biggest hypocrite you have ever met.
      3. If you were invited to the White House for dinner tonight, what would you wear from your current wardrobe?
      4. If you were to pick an object to be worshipped by a new religion, what would it be?

      • 1. To have a singer appear to sing for me would make me feel uncomfortable – Why should their music or their words be to me alone, when there could be so many others getting joy from their work :smiles. If I -had- to choose then… maybe Tori Amos. Her work is so varied, and cradles my heart and soul. I wouldn’t say no to Joss Stone either, her voice reverberates around my head like the ocean to the shore. If I were to choose a male artist… then maybe Louis Armstrong. His music spoke to me and carried me along the dusty roads of my youth.

        2. Me. I am the biggest Hypocrite that I have ever met, and I don’t like it one bit.

        3. Black shirt, black trousers, white tie, black shiny shoes.

        4. The human body. Not in its component parts, but as a whole, including the soul. No death. No destruction. Just worship.

      • 1. If you had one person to save, no matter who it was, or what it was from, who would it be, what from, and why?
        2. What is your most vivid memory? What about it links it in your mind?
        3. You are walking along a beach, what do you notice first?
        4, What is the centre of your world?

      • 1. If you had one person to save, no matter who it was, or what it was from, who would it be, what from, and why?

        Okay. It’s 2064 and I’ve since walked along the fringe of life long enough to actually slip into an alternate dimension that preserves my body, preventing it from aging. The rest of the world view me like a pinball from the display surface – as merely a dot sliding around, or shadow. Some people are better at picking up on me than others.

        After much searching, I find a portal and pull into it, the travel and difference in time actually sending him back to himself around the turn of the millennium, black jacket, peroxide hair and all. When asked why I seem to be stepping through to the outside, I cue some bullshit about “wanting to see what happens” when we die. He probably goes on to study, understand and eventually become the master of that universe. I would have saved him from his worst fear – death.

        Oh, did you mean realistically? Too bad.

        2. What is your most vivid memory? What about it links it in your mind? I have a clear memory of being at the county fair at night and not being allowed to ride the rides. I told myself, “Autumn, when you’re older, you come BACK here and RIDE ALL THESE RIDES.” I don’t know why I remember – but it’s like I’m still the same person. There has never been no other “Autumn” to tell.

        3. You are walking along a beach, what do you notice first?
        I’m staring at the rocks just under the water.

        4. What is the centre of your world?
        I don’t know. I’ll answer with the family and friends.

    • 1. If you could have asked Jesus Christ one thing before the cricifixion, what would it have been?
      2. What is the grossest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
      3. What’s the most beautiful spot on earth that you’ve ever seen? Describe.
      4. Name one of the most difficult good-byes you’ve ever said.

      • 1. Why he felt the need to be a martyr and if he knew the ripple that his death would cause on all future generations of human kind.

        2. That would have to be a raw oyster without anything on it; it tasted like slime and sand.

        3. I think I have answered this one before so if you feel the need to give me one more you can. The time my friend Ryan, Daren and myself were sitting on the open air observation deck at the Hancock Center in Chicago and everything just seemed perfect, the lights, the people…everything. That is what I associate with the most beautiful thing in my life and on this Earth.

        4. The hardest goodbyes are the ones I didn’t get to say. My friend Jason who died in a car crash, no one got to say goodbye, my Grandmother, if only I would have gone to visit her one more time and of course the most recent would be my Grandfather, if I would have made it home just 5mins sooner I could have said goodbye.

      • Re: compensation question

        I am going to guess that you mean what would I do other then stare at myself naked in the mirror and/or hang out in a girls locker room. Well to tell you the truth I do not know, if it was only for one day it would be a long day. I know nothing about putting on makeup and I would wipe from back to front so I would end up with an infection in the lolo area.

        I do think that ability to think like a woman for a day would be amazing though, it would be nice to get that glimpse inside to see how the stuff that guys do to impress the ladies really makes all of you feel.

  1. OK, I just can’t believe someone ELSE answered “cutlass”. WTF!?! I thought for SURE I’d be alone on that one. Wow. I’m very impressed with how cool that is.

    I’d say hit me with more questions, but with a caveat: I may fall dead asleep and forget all about them. However, pop ’em my way.

    I’d also like to say that I chose the Burj Dubai to bomb because, while it is one of the most beautiful pieces of modern architecture imaginable, 99% of the world’s population will never be rich enough to set foot near it. That’s ri-goddamn-diculous.

    • 1. Recount a case of putting your foot in your mouth.
      2. If you could have your license plate say anything at all, what would it be?
      3. Name a single song or album that you associate with a period of your life, and explain.
      4. If you could only have one magazine subscription for life, which would you pick?

      • 1. Not su much a case of putting my foot in my mouth, as being completely humiliated and quickly erasing all knowledge that my statements had ever been made. Last year, in desperate need of cash, I attempted to sell my ‘Penny Arcade: Year One’ book, daring to call it ‘Rare’ in the eBay description. It took about three days of no bids before someone e-mailed me saying “hey. How can you call this “rare” when you can still buy it from KiwE Press?” Oh shit. Backpaddle time. I was too financially unstable, and therefore emotionally drained, to honor him with a proper response, but I ended the auction quickly and was rather humbled.

        2. I’ve always leaned toward “SHADOWO”, since that would fit on a Florida plate, but when I get my next car I’m thinking it will all be determined by what I decide to name the beast. “SURPRISE” is always an option. (why no, not a Patrick O’Brian nerd, no, not at all), though most decidedly taken. But after all, this is fantasy.

        3. Easy! The Greatest Hits compliation known as “Eponymous” by REM was my bread and butter during the days of Hurricane Opal in 1995. We were without power for nearly a month, in the sweltering heat, and I remember quite vividly sitting on one of our dining room window-sills, gazing out at all the downed trees and debri, one leg swinging out into the sun, listening to “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville” on my headphones as I waited…and waited…and waited. Not a LONG period in my life, but possibly the one most easily associated with a sngle album.

        4. I’m about to show my complete fashion whore here. I’m torn between “Vogue” and “Vanity Fair”. Both have excellent writers, and “Vogue” is much more geared toward couture, while “Vanity Fair” still raises some excellent political and cultural articles. I’d probably have to go with “Vanity Fair”. It’s a classic. Naturally I’d have gone with “Rolling Stone” had it not sold out sometime in the mid-1980’s to cater to nothing of particular interest.

  2. *raises hand* Is PETA considered a charity organization though? Because if so, I want to change my answer to PETA. I have no idea why the United Negro College Fund was the first thing that popped into my head… =/

    Wait…maybe I’ll pick the Church of Latter Day Saints instead…

    • 1. If you were to hire an escort tonight, what type of person would you request and what services would you ask for?
      2. If you could find the personal diary of one person from history, whose would you want to find? Why?
      3. If you were a prostitue, how much would you charge? How do you figure?
      4. Define the word “courage” by giving an example.

      • Damn… what’s with all the ho questions…

        1. I’d want a young (18+), pale, freckled, petite redhead who would come over and have 10-15 minutes of good intelligent conversation and an hour of freaky sex in various positions… nothing overly exotic, just good loud fucking.

        2. Albert Einstein. He was not only a brilliant scientist, but a brilliant mind. He was a deep thinker in every respect. He made statements about politics, religion, philosophy, art, and many things for which he’s not as well known. I’d love to get a glimpse at some of his mental wanderings.

        3. It would be a variable rate depending on the client. If she’s someone I’d want to fuck anyway I might even pay her.


    • 1. If you had to constantly carry a weapon of somekind, what would it be?
      2. If you could have any single kind of appliance attached to your bed, what would it be?
      3. What is one of the craziest things you did in your youth?
      4. If you had to name one of the most embarrassing moments of you life, when was it?

      • 1) I would totally carry a bigass sword. Either huge and totally unusable by my lanky ass or a long and sleek one that would be totally badass. Either way. Y’know. If I had to.
        2) A blender would be funny, but I guess a fridge would be the most useful.
        3) I was a pretty boring kid. I think the craziest stuff I’d pull would be jumping out of trees and stuff.
        4) I used to talk to myself as a little kid. Once I talked to myself in the school bathroom and some teacher decided I was disrupting her class and I got in trouble.

  3. I thought about PETA, but I didn’t think they were an actual charity. Oh well, Greenpeace more than deserves it, thanks to Penn and Teller’s Bullshit.

    And lay some questions on me momma.

    • 1. If you could receive a sexual proposition from any one person,
      who would it be and how would you want them to do it?
      2. If you could regulate or deregulate smoking, what rules would you make or repeal?
      3. Who was one of your favorite teachers, and what made them so great?
      4. If you could give one piece of advice to the Republican party, what would it be?

      • 1. I don’t have a specific person in mind, and the surprise element would be part of the fun. They’d invite me over to watch DVD’s, and we’d sit on the couch and watch the first one while we talked, and giggled, and snuggled a little. Then she’d put in the second one, which she chose because it was boring. After about 20 minutes, she’d turn to me and say “this movie is boring”, then plant a big wet one on me, and it would progress from there.

        2. I would tax the living bejeepers out of cigarettes, and use the money collected to pay for medical clinics in poor neighborhoods. I’d ban all cigarette advertising, including the passive stuff like sponsoring NASCAR and stuff. Then I’d make sure that any medical treatment for smoking related illnesses (emphysema, cancer, black lung) would have to be paid for out of pocket, no screwing the taxpayers or other folks over because the 2 pack a day smoker suddenly can’t breathe.

        Anticipating the follow up, I’d do a lot of the same for alcohol too. I’m not a prohibitionist for either smokes or booze, but everyone walking the earth is aware of the risks involved with each, and if they choose to do it anyway, then they can take responsibility for the penalties/costs therein.

        3. Mr. Newton in the 6th grade. I was born in Indiana, and at the age of 3 I had my IQ tested and was sent to an academy for gifted children. A couple months before I turned 5, my dad was transferred to New York state, and I went into a regular elementary that had no idea how to handle a smart kid, so they just skipped me a grade and expected me to adjust. The summer before sixth grade, my dad got transferred to Texas, and they heard about an elementary school not far away that had an experimental gifted program, so I got my IQ tested again and was in school 2 days later.

        Mr. Newton was a great teacher, he was good with kids and never talked down to us or underestimated us. He also did baseball photography for Beckett’s and a couple of other baseball card companies. He got us into competitive improv comedy (Comedy Sportz) and stop motion animation (we did Ray Bradbury’s “Usher 2”). We used baseball cards to simulate the stock market for a week, we staged a mock trial based on the events of “Usher 2” (in a surprise move, the prosecution said that Garrett was actually a second robot, and presented its last transmission as evidence), and instead of a class play, we split into two teams and did a few Comedy Sportz matches. Basically, in addition to making school relatively fun, he taught us that there was a lot we could do with our giant brains, and it didn’t have to be the usual math and science nerd stuff.

        4. Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter are not the public face you should be putting out. You are in power now, but the old Republicans are old and close to death, and the next generation of public servants will be holding a big grudge against the party for its arrogance.

  4. That was tough as hell. Explanations:

    1) He’s a fundy bastard.

    2) They have 9 million bucks stockpiled, and all they do is go around trying to subvert people’s sense of self-worth by converting them to *their* way of life, the only Right and True One(TM). Most of the money the group actually does spend goes toward more fundraisers to get yet more money. I did my homework on this one. =)

    3) I might be what some would call a “dork”. Maybe.

    4) This one was all kinds of tough. “No, that building’s probably insured anyway and they’d just make a fortune off the insurance.” “No, that one would start a holy war.” “No, that one would put a lot of people out of jobs, even if the company’s run by asshats.” But SmartCertify Direct? Those fuckers called me at work and spent 45 minutes chattin’ me up only to end up asking for 1500 bucks. Then they couldn’t take “no” for an answer, and tried to belittle me because I couldn’t afford it. Sodding bastards. To them, I echo the words said by “Romeo and Juliet”‘s Mercutio in Chris Coutts’ tales for the l33t, “I want all of ur balls to die!!!1”

    lol gawd.

    Yeah, send me 4 more if you like.

    • 1. If you could have a third eye, where would you put it?
      2. Do you believe the expiration dates on food you buy? What sort of margin of error do you work within?
      3. If you could inherit a vacation home anywhere in the world in which you could spend one month a year, but that you could never sell, where would it be?
      4. If you could dine alone with anyone from aany period of history, which person would it be?

      • 1) Hm. If I had to put it on my body, then probably the forehead. Ajna door area. On the back of the neck would be neat for a while, but that could get all kinds of irritating with sweat and such. I’d make myself *so* dizzy when working out.

        2) Oh yes. I don’t take a chance on food beyond the expiration date. Hard learned lesson in food poisoning. So, if the food expired, even if it’s day of, then I’ve gotta just go buy new food.

        3) Oh my. Okay, one part of me wants to say the highlands of Scotland or maybe Ireland. Another part of me says either Beijing, Champaigne Illinois, North Miami, LA, or somewhere near NYC. Those places all because I have teachers there, and a month would be a great time to do an intensive with them. But, the former sounds more…mystic and serene. But I’d want electricity and indoor plumbing — the magic of outdoors-ish countryside life can fade quickly without those.

        4) Also tough. Things ended real sour with someone I cared a great deal about, and I don’t think I’ll ever see her again. So, it’d be nice to have a chance for things to end on a better note. It’d probably be noble to say that I’d have dinner with someone that had the misfortune of a religion forming around him, or some other beacon of the human potential…but I’ve read tons about them already, so there wouldn’t be a whole lot left to say. If I had dinner with Jesus and he said that he felt so guilty he’d want to crucify himself again because of the sin that is christianity…no one that needed to hear it would believe me anyway. Maybe dinner with someone that committed atrocities, before they committed them. But such a person is probably beyond being reached by dinner and a heart-to-heart cup of tea.

        Nice questions again this round. You’re welcome to keep them coming, although maybe it’d be safer for me to choose “dare” soon…

      • Here are a few more. =)

        1. If you could make a gift of one thing to any single person alive today, who would it be, and what would you give them?

        2. If you could have composed any single piece of music that already exists, which would you choose?

        3. If you were to receive any existing public award, what award would you like to win?

        4. If you could enact one law in your country that does not currently exist, what would it be?

      • Re: Here are a few more. =)

        1) A way to curing cancer in the form of a simple vaccination or some such. But who to give it to…probably to one of my teachers. Well respected enough in the medical community, and with enough connections in other countries that they could get it out if the FDA bastards tried to stop them.

        2) Blast, just one…I’ll restrict myself to classical. I had wanted to compose a piece, maybe I’ll do that yet. Hm. If just one instrument, probably Chopin’s Polonaise. That’s a pretty impressive, and famously overused, one. If full orchestra, lyrics allowed, then maybe Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. Also famously overused, but on a grandiose enough scale for me. =)

        3) The Nobel Peace Prize would be neat. I’m pretty sure that there’s something screwy in the process, though. Bush has been nominated. Hitler has been nominated. The Salvation Army has been nominated. …not to draw relationships among the three. Heh. Gandhi, however, has *never* been nominated. WTF.

        4) I would require that all religious institutional practices and teachings be psychologically evaluated to the degree that while they may be outside the realm of mind and, therefore, psychology, they are not themselves harmful to mind. I feel quite confident in saying that fundamentalism or other such institutions that simply say “do this or go to hell” and don’t even feel obligated to offer an explanation, or really, to even specifically state what “this” is…such psychological disorders are going to arise there. Avoidant/Dependent personality, obsessive-compulsive disorder, all kinds of mess.

      • Re: Here are a few more. =)

        It’s much more clever to own The Big Book Of If – like I’d sit there and brainstorm up dozens of questions. ;)

        Honestly. Even *I* have more important things to do.

      • Re: Here are a few more. =)

        lol ah. A book. Yes. That would make more sense. I thought you were just having these random curiosities about everyone. And here I was just going to see how long this went before I either gave up or you ran out of questions. Kinda glad it didn’t come to that, cause I’m far too stubborn to quit, and it sounds like a big book.

        It’s 5am now, so, g’night!

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