The Assessment That Counts.

Someone put up this meme type of thing, and it made me think, “Wow. I would have said totally different things.” So, here is mine, done the way I wanted to see it.


– I am more comfortable in my own skin, every day. I consider people who aren’t, to be “behind” me or “lame” or both.

– Speaking of lame, I also think less of people who believe in a higher power just because they decide they are going to. Those who are too loose to abide by the rules enough to not be called “spiritual” are patchwork dipshits, to me.

– If I say I have things on disc that I want to send to you, I send you some discs.

– If I have no room to speak, I don’t. Not only do I say so, but I remind others when they don’t have any room, either.

– I understand that people are different, dynamic, and beautiful in their own ways. I am not looking for someone else when I look for you. I have a surplus of love and will die with it.

– I refuse to pay 400% mall markup prices for some roasted pecans because I know they smell better than they taste.

– My sleeping habits are sound.

– I like microwave dinners mostly because I like to eat more than I like to cook. I am also not picky about it.

– I have a driving urge to put a racing stripe on my family’s astro van.

– I will never leave it to you to determine, precisely, what I mean by anything.

– I don’t enjoy company for very long, but I still need some.

– Sometimes I scorn and jeer when it’s just me and one of my best friends.

– Strippers, Be Ambitious.

– If my dad makes an inappropriate remark about a race or gender, unless it’s something that is usually true, I snap at him immediately. But if it’s usually true, we laugh together. Hard.

– Sometimes I’m social and sometimes I hide in my room. Sometimes I’m shy and sometimes I’m just being quiet.

– Some things are simply the best. And those are my favorites.

– I don’t enjoy the things that I used to, cause I grew up and moved on to better things.

– Sometimes shit happens. No one’s perfect and it’s not like I’ll run out of decisions to make before I’m dead.

– A small fraction of my friends are only internet pals, and that’s totally cool. I adore them.

– I don’t get into car accidents.

– Sometimes, my stories are awesome and deserve to be heard multiple times.

– My toes cramp when I stretch my legs and I whine, grabbing at my feet.

– I can never stop learning.

– I shave lots of things.

– I admire Judge Judy and the way she dismisses all horeshit that doesn’t pertain to cases, and deals solely with the situation itself.

– I can’t think of anything I’m hypocritical about, but I bet there are some things.

– I think that my postal worker is an ass for saying things like “you’re looking good, you must be doing well” to the customers in line. You can’t tell how a person is doing by looking at them. And he’s lying. That bastard.

– I don’t get jealous because I am familiar with the concept of brother and sisterhood, but I still believe in pulling your someome closer to you when you’re dealing with friends of the desired sex.

– People who still think that gays are hell-bound wrongdoers who have no right to marry, are easy for me to write off.

– I get pissy if I can’t find one of my 1000 cds or books, and throw a tizzy.

– My favorite anime is spoken in Japanese and includes a little skin and profanity. I don’t think either is very mature, but both are pretty fun and we are talking toons, here.

– I like feta cheese, but it is smelly.

– I am bad at pre-algebra, but can probably sing better than the lot of you. And I’d rather do that, anyway.

– Beavis and Butthead was never funny to me. It always seemed like old humor.

– When one of my frogs died last night, I cried.

– Cities make me nervous.

– I’ll sleep as much as I need to, whenever I can, and not feel guilty.


28 responses to “The Assessment That Counts.

  1. I’m really sorry to read about your frog.

    I know some people don’t get it, but when I was about fifteen, I cried on and off for days after my pet rat died.

    “It’s just a rat.”

    No, it’s never “just a rat,” is it?

    • Oh, come on. You say that like it’s impossible.

      …sometimes I hide in my room.
      …I don’t get into car accidents.
      I shave lots of things.
      When my frog died last night, I cried.
      Sometimes shit happens.
      Beavis and Butthead was never funny to me.

      to name a few.

  2. Microwave dinners are very underrated, in my opinion. I also enjoy canned meat, and cheese that comes in a tube. I’ll probably die young, with a Swanson brownie stuck in my throat.

    • Speaking of chocolate and easy, try putting cake batter into a waffle maker. No baking involved! And you get all these little chocolate cakes that didn’t involve trying to bring it out of the oven at just the right time.

  3. You should design internet quizes/questionnaire

    Sorry about your frog, was it the same one that made the great escape and evaded your cats? What a trooper :(

    What a fun quiz :) I have a love/hate relationship with those meme/online quiz sort of things. The results can be interesting, but the questions are pretty dull, most of the time.

    My toes cramp up, too, when I stretch. I usually whine and curl into a fetal position, soon as I feel that familiar pain.

    • Re: You should design internet quizes/questionnaire

      Yeah, he lived that whole day and got all of his color back…

      but then his insides filled up with water from the puncture wounds thanks to the cats…. and he died at midnight.

      Your toes cramp too? God, we rule.

      I think Autumn May and the Reverend Marley has a kind of ring to it.

      • Evil-doers, beware! ¬_¬

        The toe cramping, if it happens, is usually the worst part of my day. For me, it’s a panic thing. Autumn May and the Reverend Marley? It does have a ring… it sounds like a superhero duo kinda thang.

  4. Pssssssst….

    I got that thing I said I would only get once I got a promotion, you know…that NET thing.

    I am not taking orders just yet though, let me get everything I want first.

    • Re: Pssssssst….

      No requests, anyway. You just gotta tell me what rules. I trust you to find must-haves.

      By the way! Call me if you’d like, after work, as I have no movie watching planned and could always chat.

      • Re: Pssssssst….

        I will do so and I will try not to be lame like yesterday, lol.

        I will be energized too since I have training all day, check this out…

        12-1 – I am on the phone
        1-5 – Training
        5-5:15 – Phones
        5:15-5:30 – Break
        5:30-5:45 – Phones
        5:45-6:45 – Lunch
        6:45-7:45 – Phones
        7:45-8 – Break
        8-9 – Phones

        This is by far the easiest $107 I have ever made

      • Re: Pssssssst….

        That’s pretty sweet! You should pack a snack for that second break of yours, so you aren’t starving by the time you get out.

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