From Envelopes To the Monitor.

I keep an eye on the Jonathan Brandis community I created shortly after his suicide. Some of the mourning fans have written his parents, Mary and Greg (the same two adults I used to read about in my teen magazines) who have sent some things back.

One devestated girl scanned the cards. It’s amazing to stare at the photo of him with his pets (which I remember reading about, as well) and think, “Wow. He was only an image to me… and here he is again, at the end. He’ll be a photo, forever.”

Speaking of the emotionally moving, I wanted to provide a link to some of the best post cards I’ve ever seen in my life, made for the project PostSecret:

Do take a look.


18 responses to “From Envelopes To the Monitor.

    • I used to sit around with some of my buddies from Flint, MI and listen to them speak very seriously about wanting to knock off a bank – they know a lot about the security and had it planned from every aspect they could think of…but never actually did it, because there were always risks they knew about the system and weren’t willing to take them.

      Wouldn’t it be great, though? To just grab bricks of cash…

      • Here’s a strange admission… I’ve actually gone to the bank and gotten 500 one dollar bills, just so I could stack them in bricks. I also spread them out on the bed and rolled in ’em, just so I could see what that was like. heh. I know, I’m a freak.

  1. Jonathan Brandis is dead? I remember him from a few good things: Stephen King’s “It” (forever changes the way i view and interact with clowns), Seaquest, and a movie with Chuck Norris. And what a lovely poem :o

    Those postcards remind of a scene in Seattle from Chuck Palahniuk’s “Invisible Monster.”

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