Mystery Tadpole

I’ve been keeping a tadpole alive for a few months now and it has stopped breathing underwater and started surfacing for air. I rigged some rocks in its tank that provide some land at different water levels and removed the filter, today.

The super store got the tadpole by mistake and sold it to me for a dime because they didn’t know anything about it. I can safely rule out newt and toad – I hope this frog isn’t going to kill me when I handle it.

I’m trying to Google what kind it is, as it looks like it’s sticking around for a while. If anyone has a clue, let me know.



21 responses to “Mystery Tadpole

  1. That would be the Freckled-back Grapner. It favors a diet of Cheerios and orange soda. It’s mostly harmless, but I wouldn’t let it near your credit cards.

  2. When I was in gradeschool, finding toads in our backyard was a common occurance. My brother and I were always afraid of getting poisoned, so we’d put plastic sandwich bags over our hands when handling the little amphibians(sp?).

    How big is its tank? I love aqua-life stuff :D

    • It’s a one gallon tank that I was just raising the tadpole in, to see if it would live. I’m going to wait to make anything bigger, until the frog’s older. Not sure I want to keep it… but we’ll see.

  3. Dude! You should lick it and see what happens. If you start feeling weird and seeing trails, that will narrow it down quite a bit.

    Keeping something that fragile alive this long is a testiment to your loving care. Congratulations.


    My boyfriendly person is of the opinion that it might be a leopard frog. He says keep it and post more pics later and he will be able to tell you definitely when it is bigger; he is a reptile lover. :)

    Good job keeping him alive and in good health. Many kudos, I know a lot of people who have a hard time with aquatic creatures.

    • Oh, cool. If it is, I bet I could release it out here in the swampy area. Thanks for the info, I’ll definitely post a few photos once it’s more developed.

      • You’re welcome. Adam was tellin me he thinks it’s a leopard frog because he saw a few of them when he visited his family in Michigan when he was a kid. I think it would be okay to release him up there.

    • Hrmm.

      Tell me, what are some of the basic requirements for keeping a turtle? I was told that it’s tricky to keep them alive, but maybe my parents just told me that when I was little so I’d stop bringing them into the house.

      • Re: Hrmm.

        Haha, cute.

        Its quite easy. Theres very little difference from keeping a turtle to keeping a fresh water aquarium. The only difficult part is keeping a clear night/day period which i fix by putting a timer on the light. I have a 4 foot aquarium with a decent filter, a fibreglass ‘basking pad’ (some land so they can get some sunshine), a basking light (the sunshine), some water plants (maintains some of the water quality), fish (assorted) and a couple of fresh water muscles (clams).
        The key to a good tank is the setting up process… be patient. When you fill the tank for the first time, add your plants etc and let the filter circulate the water for 2 – 3 days. Then your set…
        My tanks are quite self sufficient. I might clean it once every 2 months and top up the water once every 3 weeks ( i live in a hot climate)

        My turtles are fed a special turtle food i get from the pet store so theres no problem with food.

        My only real advice would be (if you were considering getting a turtle) is, get a breed thats local to your area so its already comfortable with your climate and, enjoy it. Their very shy for the first few months then before you know it, there swimming up to you at feeding time and looking for affection.
        So no, its not hard to keep turtles but setting up the tank can be quite expensive. My tank cost around $1000 au to set up and its quite a modest set up.

        Good luck with your little Frog its very cute… all we have here are cane toads (huge ugly and poisonous) and green frogs (beautiful but human skin contains acids that harm the frog)

  5. That is the strangest thing Ive seen since this morning.

    Is that tail gonna come off? Ick Id definitely lock the doors because I hear things with tails are agile and sneaky.

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