On Thursday, Jason was nice enough to pick me up and hang out. We passed a fairly large yard sale, where I bought an excellent Muppet Caper drinking glass from the year I was born. In town, we caught the final showing of Batman Begins (a big fuck you to everyone who insisted I miss it, cause it was good), had ice cream at The Spotted Cow (which should seriously consider going global) and went swimming in his backyard. Cooler still, I was handed a dozen DVDs of foreign film goodness, and the uncensored Kill Bill Vol. I. Yayness.

The alarm went off Friday morning and we had the quickest breakfast from Bob Evans that I’ve ever been served; six to eight minutes after ordering, our meals were in front of us. That afternoon, we hit some tourist attractions. Mystery Hill is built to look like it’s straight up and down, but is actually put together on a steep slope, making everyone appear to be standing at impossible angles. Our guide was a high school girl who walked out and pushed a button overhead, playing an old recording about how the mystery had to do with different minerals in the ground – an enjoyable cheesiness we took in while trying to maintain our balance through the rooms of the house, watching water run uphill.

One of the spots we wanted to hit was actually closed and up for sale, a sad discovery when Jason had been looking forward to reliving more of his childhood. The Prehistoric Forest was rundown, overgrown with weeds with lots of chained fences visible from the road. Large dinosaurs stood out front, their paint chipping, a sad, slow death for something so gigantic. Last night, I dreamed there was a Brontosaurus sculpture in my front yard, certainly a legend living on.

Stagecoach Stop is made to look like an 1800’s saw mill and then some (one minute you’re walking through the arcade part, running your hand over an old piano, and then a few seconds later you’re in a saloon, kinda deal), one of the largest collections of old stuff you’ll see in Michigan. There was a petting zoo where Jason coaxed a llama over to eat his ice cream cone and wheats, and I had a black goat following me, nudging my leg with its front hoof, tail wagging. We witnessed a gun fight in town, rode a train that was held up, stayed for an old fashioned magic show, and had our names printed on the front page of newspapers.

On the journey back, we checked out some disappointing sidewalk sales and visited a microbrewery, The Webberville Michigan Brewing Company. It was a lot of activity to cover in just two days, so I was pretty worn out by Friday. Brad had come up for the weekend, noticing a nugget of Fools gold in the aquarium and a Sheriff badge on my shirt.

Blair stopped by Saturday and helped me get the go-karts running, actually tweaking the “slow” one to be faster than the other. I swept a tunnel through the pine trees while the boys collected firewood. We sat on the picnic table, a bunch of us who hadn’t been together in quite a while. It’s good to know that some things aren’t history.


6 responses to “W33k3nd

  1. We have a “House of Mystery” here in Oregon, too, and I’ve been to one in Montana. I think they’re sorta neat, but it’s interesting to see so many of these “rare spots”. [:

  2. I was very sad when I found out that Prehistoric Forest was closed, I loved that place growing up and wanted to go back just for the cheese factor.

    I am thinking about going back and sneaking in, have a friend drop me off while I sneak around, have them pick me up like an hour late…maybe, it would make for some good pictures, that is for sure.

    I am glad you enjoyed yourself, I know those weren’t the most exciting things but I love doing all the roadside stuff, I want to go out to the worlds largets ball of twine and frying pan one day and go to the ol’ bug farms and what not on route 66. That would be my dream trip me and a few freinds in a covertable doing all the stupid roadside stuff we could find.

    Thanks again for coming down “Autumn Mae” ;-)

    BTW, you beat me on my post. I woudl have had it up tonight but I am working overtime, I will be out of here at midnight.

  3. Autumn May the bandit? the rogue? sticky-fingered evil-doer?

    Neat-o [bandit-o]! I’ve been to a place like Mystery Hill, except it was in Knott’s Berry Farm. Water going up the hill, water coming out of floating faucets, and all sorts of fun oddities. Sadly no “amazing turtle boy” :(

    Sounds like quite the weekend adventure

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