Atta Boy

I take Zack to the fair.

“Are you gonna get in the white truck at the front?” I ask, feeding pina colada ice cream through the entrance railing.
“So you can be the leader.”

A few onlookers turn to their parents and whine about wanting ice cream at this exact same moment in time, the chain unhooks and I watch Zack bolt for the head cart.

Eventually, I’m carrying around an inflatable Sponge Bob and Zack is getting sluggish, clinging to me with surrendering eyes even after having been pumped full of caffeinated pop. He has just spent 20 minutes walking through a funhouse after I called it a less-threatening “playscape” because it took him half that time to face his fear of the revolving pipe at the exit before wanting to race through it another dozen times after that. We’re crunching over the loose gravel in the parking lot and I’m still turning around, trying to size up everything around us. Equally fried and mesmerized, I understand that we’re two kids somewhere good in Detroit.


26 responses to “Atta Boy

      • Uhhh… O_o

        Ok, now I have another question for you:

        “Took down”?
        Dur, I thought you were talking about something that fit on a shelf.
        510 horsepowers need one huge shelf for rest. Yes.
        Also, I had problems downloading the clip of Zack introducing himself.

      • Re: Uhhh… O_o

        Brad collects model cars, his favorite being the Vipers. As for the files – it’s hooked to my free MSN community where I’ve stored some artwork. You have to have a hotmail address or sign into their free “passport” service with your current e-mail address, to have access to my audio documents. People who are logged in can just click on the file and it will start loading.

        It’s a hassle to log in, but free file hosts aren’t easy to find.

  1. >Interesting: Jack Kerouac’s Military Records

    i think one of our first conversations was abou this very thing a few years back… :)

    creativity and scizoidal personalities…

  2. Choose your own adventure…

    Alright well to be fair, I deserved a good portion of what I got, being the stuck up brat I was. However, everything got blown out of proportion, which led to many things being set into motion after graduation that would never have happened otherwise. These things were tough, but ultimately made me who I am today. So in a way, I should thank you.. in a way. That ending blows. So I propose a new option: Don’t make that the ending. Am I glutton for punishment? That’s a very real possibility. But I remember summer days racing down backroads. And you were one hell of a friend… even if you eventually put me through hell. As I said, water under the bridge. Oh… and “hibbity hoo”. That’s all the voodoo I have and I think that was just calling your mom a chicken. *shrug*

    There’s nothing like kerosene and fresh bitch in the morning.


    • Re: Choose your own adventure…

      It’s difficult to write the truth when you know that certain people will read it, but I decided to tell the disaster first. Believe me – it’s hardly the last thing I’ll write about the ordeal. I just figured I’d get the worst memories out of the way.

      Now that I’m back in town, we’ll have to meet up. Or, you know, you could just come over. I’m still unpacking and catching up on transactions, but answering the door wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. YOu have the Japanese CATS cast?!?!?! Far out! In lieu of “Emancipation”, I’ll take that! (I had to buy “Emancipation”…one of my best friends wanted it and he was getting antsy. No offense.)

  4. Haha, drinking is evil like that- it burns you again and again… and then you always go back. At least that’s my issue with it (though my friends and i have come to the conclusion that it gives me hives) :o

    Zack sounds like a sweet kid :)

    And it’s none of my business, but I hope you don’t fall down, dead. But then again, the only magic I believe comes from the magical world of Hogwart’s… and that mushy thing in my head that passes for a brain.

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