Lanterns 05

I thought about stealing pumpkins around 3 a.m. this morning and continued to entertain the idea until Dan came online at the perfect moment, only needing a little reassurance that we would probably get away with it. By 3:30, I was dressed and shoving clothes baskets into the back of his car.

“I haven’t felt this kind of rush in a while,” I said as we were watching for headlights and any suspicious noises. A star shot across the sky above us, and I wanted to believe that we were meant to pull this off.

We parked on a side road and snuck up to the property I’d spotted last week with a huge wagon full of pumpkins by the road. It is not easy, making your way back quietly with a heavy load of pumpkins. Dan wanted to call it quits before I convinced him to come back with me one more time for another armful, and by 4:15 we were oogling my share of the goods:

there would be a halloween this year

Then we hit a 24 hour diner for cappacino in hopes it would help me to maintain the surge of energy brought on by a successful mission, but I just fell asleep as soon as I finished it.

When I woke back up, I decided to take the next step and hollow them out. Now these guys are sitting on the back porch:

lanterns 05

It was an awfully good day.


16 responses to “Lanterns 05

  1. Personally – I think that’s mean. I’ve picked our pumpkins out with great pride and we have decorations up on our new porch. Granted it’s only what $5/pumpkin! But really. That’s likes like taking candy from a baby. Sounds corny, but if we’ve looked at designs to carve and plotted plans for our pumpkin, I can just imagine other kids doing the same. I would be devistated if someone came and stole stuff from us.

    If you would have snuck into a pumpkin patch, that at least would have been a bit better. Again, that’s someone’s livelyhood, but still, most of those pumpkins will rot anyways since the seasons almost over. You just stole from kids.

    *not impressed*

    • We carved them.

      Gar, LJ says there was an error in posting a reply. So again:

      I plotted plans, too. I’m one of the kids.

      You do realize that I didn’t take someone’s picked out pumpkins off their front porch, right? I took from a huge wagon set out by the road of dozens and dozens, for sale. As in, no intentions for them but a rapists’ profit.

  2. barefoot in the cold? brrrr!

    Excellent job with the pumpkins, especially the skull-dealy on the right :)

    Aahhh, this is why I love the holidays. I do get a little irritated with the more commercialized aspect of it- but that’s minor in comparison to the fond childhood memories I have (ie carving pumpkins with the family, watching seasonal television programming, etc).

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