Good Again

A little unknown fact: the coined phrase “this too, shall pass” was stolen from a devoted believer in freeware, for better or worse.

I walked the park trails with Nick the Twin, going off course in search of huge concrete chunks resembling an earthquake disaster. We had a lot of fun in the past, climbing over the oddly shifted slabs, just hanging out and exploring. But yesterday we would simply continue to roam through high weeds with burs sticking into our clothes before realizing that the hills we surveyed from had to be where our special ruins used to be. Quite possibly having become an unwanted teen hangout, the blown up parking lot was removed.

We settled for grinders in the pavilion and shamelessly chucking rotten tree fallings into the river, startling filthy ducks. The countryside is rather beautiful, right now. Too bad the season is so short.

Later that day, I refused to spend cash and ended up somewhere questionable, having gathered information from a trail version of encoding software and sought out a crack. A malware infection bypassed every security feature and began pelting me with popups – it was prickers and burs, all over again.

Tradition will show that I routinely troubleshoot by myself to no success before surfing for outside ideas. Tech support lacks simplicity and I whine to myself, “Why can’t I get rid of this crap as quickly as it took to generate that serial code?” before spotting a string of words that help me google closer to a solution.

Newsflash – no one really knows how to decipher your hijack logs or running processes. The experts are merely suggesting educated shots in hell.

After a number of hours pass, patterns and file extensions begin to take clearer shape and I finally realize what the fuck is happening. Indeed there does exist a page dedicated to the problem, along with hassle-free remedies. My twelfth attack is a success and right before shutdown, I thank those who read my every instant message “GODDAMMIT THE URL CANNOT BE FOUND NOW?! YOU JUST FOUND IT A MINUTE AGO. DID YOU LOSE IT AGAIN?” and tolerated the multiple sign-ins during reboot.

“AIM has detected that you are signed in at two-”

Everything is right with the world by 5 A.M:

“Yayness! I can make my DVD, now.”


8 responses to “Good Again

  1. Frickin’ computers :( Do you use Firefox? It seems safer than IE, but maybe not as powerful. But it sounds like you got everything all fixed up in the end, so that’s good :)

    How was your Halloween?

    • Yep, I have that with extentions and companion, Thunderbird. I ADORE these things.

      My Halloween was nothing spectacular, aside from the pumpkin toting. Though the season is over, I’m still listening to the Rocky Horror soundtrack. Halloween’s a place in my heart, man.

  2. Microsoft *shudder*

    Have I ever mentioned my theory to you that hell is actually a seat at a computer trying to get microsoft to run properly? Anyway… hello from Boston! I got an extension on the trip and I had to dish about my goodies. Matt’s so awesome he’s buying me a camcorder tonight so I have lots of tapes and schtuff to show you when I get home! He says it’s a belated sweetest day present. *snicker* Sorry, but if it helps I was depressed that for a while your Sweetest Day was so much better than mine. So how was your Halloween? Miss ya and catch ya later. ^_^

    • Re: Microsoft *shudder*

      My Halloween was spent inside, watching a Marilyn Manson concert. The boyfriend came down with bronchitis on top of being termporarily broke, so we figured we’d hit the haunted houses next year.

      I also baked cookies but found the dough better than the cookie.

      I’m glad you’re having fun! I hate the city but then again, I am a hermit and it’s expected.

      I say you and I tackle a social experiment when you’re back. It involves doing something strictly against all rules of interaction and requires gambing. Details when you’re closer, or when I’m bored and write up the proper e-mail.

      • Re: Microsoft *shudder*

        You have my attention on the experiment. My plane lands on the 20th so any time after that I’m free. I hope you’ll tell me more soon, I’m curious. Later.

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