Saved From Dinner and Given Dessert

Disturbed by the squeaking and what I knew would happen if I didn’t interrupt, the three of us were soon searching all over… I am proud to say that the house cats did not win this round.


And it looks like he just found the peach cobbler I dropped in there. Aw, I like it.


4 responses to “Saved From Dinner and Given Dessert

  1. Awww Mousie!

    Mice are so cute, even if they are rodent vermin. We had one around the house for a while that we dubbed “The Tailess Wonder” because our cats were too fat to catch the rest of him. Plus the ex-hubby found one in the toilet and it was a big joke as to how it got there… but we set it free in the basement where. We’re assuming it lived a long, happy life for a mouse. What ya gonna name it?

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