Pink Mayhem?! A high school flyer

The following is a flyer I did some years ago, recently discovered in my scrapbook and typed up to go under my memories section. Though lacking in form (I compromised some technical things in order to make it fit one page in newspaper layout) it seemed to go over well with teachers and students.

The following day I was sitting at a lunch table when the principal walked up to the student he had suspended and said, “Of all my years teaching here, I’ll confess to making two or three mistakes. One of those was sending you home and I’m sorry.”

I know it was a teeny high school battle, but back then it felt like I’d won a war.

title or description

If you don’t understand a ruling, it might be unconstitutional.

A student was recently suspended for attending school with pink hair and many disagree with the principal’s decision to penalize her. This document has been distributed in an attempt to inform others about the freedom of expression in our public school. It is not intended to influence defiance. Some of you have had to change “inappropriate attire” due to an alleged disruption. Lines are legally drawn here when it comes to this: endangering the health and safety of students, opposing to the school’s mission (referring to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, obscenity, profanity, etc), and materially or substantially disrupting school operations or interfering with the rights of others. Basically, indecent, immodest clothing can be banned.

Courts will not, however, tolerate school districts that restrict certain clothing through dress code policies because of mere preference or taste. A prohibition against expression of opinion without any evidence that the rule is necessary to avoid substantial interference with school discipline or the rights of others is not permissible under the First and Fourteenth Amendments (Tinker v. Des Moines, pp. 507-514).

Though not a school case, something can be learned from Cohen v. California (403 U.S. 15) which prohibits “maliciously and willfully disturbing the peace…by…offensive conduct”. The back of Cohen’s jacket had a four-letter expletive on it. Without a more particularized and compelling reason for action than distaste, the State could not make Cohen’s display a criminal offense. Why didn’t he lose? Because he had the right to express his opinion and anyone disturbed could effectively avoid further bombardment of their sensibilities simply by averting their eyes. Possibly not a bad idea for those so mentally exhausted at the sight of pink hair.

If your speech, symbolic or otherwise, isn’t unreasonably disrupting school functions and isn’t drug related, vulgar, gang-related or been proven to be distracting then prohibition due to a weak idea that it *might* be or *become* a problem is unconstitutional. Any departure from absolute regimentation may cause trouble. Any variation from the majority’s opinion may inspire fear. Any word spoken in class, in the lunchroom or on campus deviating from the views of another person may start an argument. But indifferent fear or apprehension of disturbance is not enough to overcome the right to freedom of expression. Our constitution encourages us to take this risk (Terminiello v. Chicago, 337 U.S. 1).

The courts have decided that public schools are an appropriate place to exercise symbolic speech. Burnside v. Byars clearly explains that school officials do not possess absolute authority over their students. Whether in or out of school, we are persons under our constitution and should not be confined to those sentiments that are officially approved. Our fellow student with pink hair was going about her ordained rounds in school no differently than if she had shown up in red, white or blue. The student body fails to see how she interrupted school activities or intruded in the school affairs and lives of others. Discussion between classrooms? Maybe. But disorder? Unlikely.

Did pink hair prove to be a distraction or was it just ruled as one?




I’ve uploaded a telephone convo with Justin. Sorry for the crappy quality – just turn it up and listen. He called early in the morning to wake me up and my mic’s default settings were not set to record so I had to use a cassette recorder, first. Next time I’ll be ready ;)

Did you know he went to jail?

Part One 2.10 MB

– Stationed In Japan
– They Don’t Shave
– A Typical Night
– Conclusion

Download HERE

If you’re interested in the second half:

Part Two 1.56 MB

– I Went 2 Jail In December (quality begins poorly)
– My Lame Excuse For Going There
– Cameron Bash

Featuring Bonus Snippets:
– Answer To “Could you take Cameron on now that you’ve served?”
– Badass Pinky Breaker

You’ll have to e-mail me.

Vday 06

Fuck anyone who says that today is only about Hallmark and chocolate. It’s also about FLOWERS AND OTHER PREZZIES.

Brad got me a bubbling footbath that maintains water temp and has bumpies on the bottom to massage your feet with. I’ve been adding a little bath salt to the water and treating my feet to a shea butter that Jules got me for Xmas. I’ve only used the bath twice and my feet are already much happier.

I didn’t know what to get Brad so I bought beer, picked him up assorted caramels and threw a rose in a vase. He ended up trying the footbath, too, and admitted that it kicks some pampering ass.

Brad, the flowers showed up! Thank you!!


One blogger some years back happened to spot the glass-beaded jewelry I was working on and wondered if I would be interested in trading. In return for my little craft and whatever else I could stuff into a bubble envy, she would use her yearly pass and hit up the local Disney World’s gift shop for anything related to Pirates of the Caribbean. I got the coolest trinkets – amulets, carved gourds, all in shapes of skulls and crossed swords to go with my pirate flags/curtains.

We would chat occasionally and she’d tell me about how Disney was an escape whenever life’s responsibilities were becoming a bit much for her. Though most of it was kept very vague, it was clear that something about life was making her unhappy. So I would imagine this young adult wandering around the controlled party environment, dazed, taking in all of the costume colors and temporary bliss.

“Sometimes I cry when I see the parades.”

Her journal wasn’t always current to begin with, and hasn’t been updated for a long time… but it was just enough to make a connection that I’ll remember forever.

I want to take the time to thank you guys for everything you’ve done by joining my circuit and providing all kinds of images. The girl who got her dad to put pink in his hair and posted a photo – the old friend who wrote from her heart and admitted that I still existed, untainted in her better memories of our past – the guy who went to a bar with “great dane” beer coasters and sent one because it reminded him of Great Dame – the professor in Italy who wrote to me on stolen stationary – the online master who gave me a paid account so I’d make the best of it – the dozens of people I’m leaving out and everyone else just kind of letting it sink in and taking the time to share – your thoughts are priceless. Thank you!

I Thought This Would Be Fun

Would anyone out there on my friends list care to exchange a cd? I’m interested in mixes you’ve made for yourself that you enjoy, and I could either make a compilation or send a title from the media link at my journal’s sidebar. (Sorry, U.S. trades only.)

prittee plz

Please do not include tracks with the following sounds:

1. Polka
2. Yodeling
3. Death Metal
4. Country (Johnny Cash doesn’t count because he reigns)
5. Emo in the vein of heavily rotated MTV artists
6. Pop Punk in the vein of Sum41 and Good Charlotte

And if you have guidelines as well, please tell me when we exchange mailing addies.

*Extra points for presentation will be awarded in the form of various “w00ts!” when I open my mail. Prepare to be bragged about if the tunes are spectac.

Update for lack of updates or, Which Happy Bunny Are You?

If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met in real life without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal. — The latest thing going around LJ.


I neglected to mention that I attended the North American Auto Show in Detroit, last month. It was a lot of Auto, perhaps too much for my liking. There is something about walking around to sit in new cars that aren’t mine, that doesn’t do it for me. But I made a little game of going around collecting as many handouts as I could, which kept me awake and alert. Not that it seemed as smart by the time we still had the downstairs area to explore and I was hauling twenty pounds of pamphlets.

Had a dream that the family dog was alive, again. I was relieved, hugged her and felt my brain reconstruct using memories of her form and fur. Then, brief flashes of having previously seen my mother set a tin between the Venture’s front seats with our girl’s ashes in it.

“Lacy, you were crema-”

There was no time for the picture to start backing out or lift and ripple until it dissolved. I was suddenly awake, and my dog is still dead. Ah, shit.

Stayed up last night when Manderz Porno emerged onto the screen. The wild and hilarious red-headed companion from my past, poorly replicated via instant messenger, sent me type from many miles away and I briefly wondered where in the hell we had gone wrong. When she has a chance to get online, her journal tells of run-ins with the law and finally having put fate into her savior’s hands.

Faith Rivada says: So how is life now that you’ve forked it over to Jesus?
Mander Porno says: Not much different.

The drive to see Brad involves taking a quarter of the way to a place that I was part of, years ago. It had to do with late nights, drag racing on Industrial Ave and herding a clique of five inner-city boys while Mandi did her part, networking and taking on dirty work that was beyond me. A few of them bounced at JJ Shakers so we got 21 and over bracelets slapped on us and a side door entrance, which meant everything at the time. But when relationships got complicated I abandoned the scene without saying goodbye and certain highway routes have kind of haunted me, ever since.

They all remain 18, 19, 20 years old in my mind and the signs all point the same direction. Like it’s all still there.

“Does driving one place ever remind you of when you used to go somewhere different?” I asked Brad, doubtful he’d really understand.

He didn’t even blink.