I Thought This Would Be Fun

Would anyone out there on my friends list care to exchange a cd? I’m interested in mixes you’ve made for yourself that you enjoy, and I could either make a compilation or send a title from the media link at my journal’s sidebar. (Sorry, U.S. trades only.)

prittee plz

Please do not include tracks with the following sounds:

1. Polka
2. Yodeling
3. Death Metal
4. Country (Johnny Cash doesn’t count because he reigns)
5. Emo in the vein of heavily rotated MTV artists
6. Pop Punk in the vein of Sum41 and Good Charlotte

And if you have guidelines as well, please tell me when we exchange mailing addies.

*Extra points for presentation will be awarded in the form of various “w00ts!” when I open my mail. Prepare to be bragged about if the tunes are spectac.


26 responses to “I Thought This Would Be Fun

  1. The ideal mix cd would simply be one that you think is full of songs that you love either because they’re very meaningful to you or make you wanna dance your little ass off.

  2. Hmmm…

    I think I’ll send some stuff your way. I hope you’re not to hatish against techno. That’s my groove.

    In fact. I might deliver truck loads to your door step with no repeats.
    (retardedness edited out)

    • Re: Hmmm…


      Your audio files were burned with some kind of copy protection function on – none of the WMA files will play, not even in Windows Media Player. Each one tries to access the internet, too, probably to tell me I have to acquire a license somehow. Only one cd had a few mp3 files that played, the rest were filled with the protected WMA songs.

      Is there some kind of trick to get them working?

      • Re: Hmmm…

        Grr… Stupid computer. I’m not sure why it’s doing that. I’ll just drop by with my whole case. I think it’s just because I ripped all of them to my computer and it’s poopy.

        What do you think about the music you can listen to though?

      • Re: Hmmm…

        If you need a better ripping program, I have one that doesn’t involve Windows Media Player and doesn’t mess with license nonsense. Bring a blank cd (if you don’t have a USB flash drive) and I can burn the system files right onto it for you.

        It’s CD-DA Extractor (a cracked version). Download.com rates it highly and calls it “the Swiss Army Knife of digital audio”.

        I really liked “If I Survive” (the song that plays at the beginning of Kinetika! And Garbage’s Cherry Lips song. A lot from the disc that played, I already had. So I’d say good taste ;)

  3. Alrighty, I already have one made actually…I gave a mix to my cousin at Christmas of songs that had meaning to me personally AND I happen to have an extra copy. SO give me your address :)

  4. Dear Autumn…

    Someone on my friends list would like to know how to use a photo as their journal background while allowing the textual part of the journal to remain semi-transparent so to be readable, but still show the background. Is there a style that can be be cut and pasted into the journal style generator page that would accomplish this? I remember your journal used to look like that a while back. I’d appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Ray

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