Vday 06

Fuck anyone who says that today is only about Hallmark and chocolate. It’s also about FLOWERS AND OTHER PREZZIES.

Brad got me a bubbling footbath that maintains water temp and has bumpies on the bottom to massage your feet with. I’ve been adding a little bath salt to the water and treating my feet to a shea butter that Jules got me for Xmas. I’ve only used the bath twice and my feet are already much happier.

I didn’t know what to get Brad so I bought beer, picked him up assorted caramels and threw a rose in a vase. He ended up trying the footbath, too, and admitted that it kicks some pampering ass.

Brad, the flowers showed up! Thank you!!


One blogger some years back happened to spot the glass-beaded jewelry I was working on and wondered if I would be interested in trading. In return for my little craft and whatever else I could stuff into a bubble envy, she would use her yearly pass and hit up the local Disney World’s gift shop for anything related to Pirates of the Caribbean. I got the coolest trinkets – amulets, carved gourds, all in shapes of skulls and crossed swords to go with my pirate flags/curtains.

We would chat occasionally and she’d tell me about how Disney was an escape whenever life’s responsibilities were becoming a bit much for her. Though most of it was kept very vague, it was clear that something about life was making her unhappy. So I would imagine this young adult wandering around the controlled party environment, dazed, taking in all of the costume colors and temporary bliss.

“Sometimes I cry when I see the parades.”

Her journal wasn’t always current to begin with, and hasn’t been updated for a long time… but it was just enough to make a connection that I’ll remember forever.

I want to take the time to thank you guys for everything you’ve done by joining my circuit and providing all kinds of images. The girl who got her dad to put pink in his hair and posted a photo – the old friend who wrote from her heart and admitted that I still existed, untainted in her better memories of our past – the guy who went to a bar with “great dane” beer coasters and sent one because it reminded him of Great Dame – the professor in Italy who wrote to me on stolen stationary – the online master who gave me a paid account so I’d make the best of it – the dozens of people I’m leaving out and everyone else just kind of letting it sink in and taking the time to share – your thoughts are priceless. Thank you!


7 responses to “Vday 06

  1. Fuck anyone who says that today is only about Hallmark and chocolate, and fuck those who believe them. People who are anti “Western culture” will find it wrong one way or another, but it doesn’t mean that you should think of reasons to act all pissed off.

    :) of all the holidays or calendar events… valentines days is the last i’d want to kill. it gives people and exuse to be silly and romantic. what’s bad about that. we need much much more of it.

    as for me… cait made sure i got to her apartment on saturday because we’d be 6 hours apart during the week… and did up supper and suprised me with a rose and a kiss and the smile she put on my face is still there.

    and aside from our momentary lapse into scary politics of the right wing theologs… american/western culture is good. its free. well it will be again once we get a real election. [ as he makes his second pass at the bush regime] i commend other cultures for resisting western culture. but it ain’t us that is forcing it on anyone. they want it. there is certain amount of that’s too bad. i mean hey… i’m an athiest and i think ol’ st. valintine is one of the better. surely… ah… when religion gets involved its doomed fuck up. i guess thats the real lesson.

  2. Second posting – first time it went out anonymous, which is so not me…

    >Consider doing something you enjoy today and show some love!

    This is great advice which I totally subscribe!
    I also thank YOU – for being a friend, a sister-in-Bruce, a fine purveyor of excellent music and other assorted culture, my First Reader on LJ, a source of great insight, a good listener, and… for many other things.
    It feels like Charlie Brown got a valentine, today :-)
    Happy Vday to you (both).

    PS stealing stationary, and (if I remember correctly which was) from the very Lufthansa Headquarters in Frankfurt especially, is a gas-gas-gas (Stones quotation intentional).

  3. *waves like a maniac*

    Heyheyheyheyhey! Happy Valentines day!

    Also, happy Lonely day which just happens to occur on the exact same day.

    I’m celebrating the second one. Alone. At subway. Cause I have to work.

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