I’ve uploaded a telephone convo with Justin. Sorry for the crappy quality – just turn it up and listen. He called early in the morning to wake me up and my mic’s default settings were not set to record so I had to use a cassette recorder, first. Next time I’ll be ready ;)

Did you know he went to jail?

Part One 2.10 MB

– Stationed In Japan
– They Don’t Shave
– A Typical Night
– Conclusion

Download HERE

If you’re interested in the second half:

Part Two 1.56 MB

– I Went 2 Jail In December (quality begins poorly)
– My Lame Excuse For Going There
– Cameron Bash

Featuring Bonus Snippets:
– Answer To “Could you take Cameron on now that you’ve served?”
– Badass Pinky Breaker

You’ll have to e-mail me.


12 responses to “MANDI LOOK

      • Re: Hurry up and get on AIM

        God damn it. I alway miss when you reply. *#%@%#$$#^#*&@^ Gah

        I’m open tonight. I want to do something. If that’s cool with you, post a stupid comment thingy on my blog so I’ll be notified or else jump on AIM. I’ll be there all night like a wired gerbil.

      • Re: ammusing? maybe.

        We would eventually meet up and *I* would be pulled over by 3 cop cars later that night for driving through the city park while the sun was down.

        One idiot was even flashing his light through the passenger window like a chiche Cops crackdown story.

        I got called “suspicious” because I wasn’t in bed.

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