It was an impossible mission to be scanning the radio stations in Detroit without hearing about Kid Rock’s weekend at The Palace, where they’d be filming his concert for a DVD release. I’ve never really explored the artists’ work thoroughly, lacking motivation from his singles. But he called in last Saturday and said something that gave me a reason to like the guy:

“I’m devoting my life to something new – this is how you know I’ve made too much money – wherever Tom Cruise goes, wherever he is appearing, I’m gonna have a plane fly behind him every time with a long sign that says ‘Tom Cruise Is A Turd‘.”



6 responses to “Heh.

  1. Carrie and I were in the Detroit area this weekend for a wedding, and our hotel was right next to the Palace, practically. I was especially amused to see the the opening act for Kid Rock was Peter fucking FRAMPTON.

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