Returning Online

So I ask some people about installing new modems and they go, “Well it can be tricky”, so I take forever to get my ass around and deal with it.

Finally I walk in and they’re all like, “Eh, pretty cheap part, 14 bucks or so. And that would be $35 dollars labor.”

I stand there at the desk with my jaw on the floor and go, “Is it really that hard?” and the kid working with the owner looks over at me, makes sure I have his attention, and shakes his head NO.

So I just buy the part – half of 14 dollars used, and go home to find out that all I had to fuckin’ do was unscrew a screw and plug the new one in. Excellent!


8 responses to “Returning Online

    • Re: Did Codewriter spam your friends list, too?

      Tobin did randomly friend a few females from my list, some years back.

      What I never told him was that I found you by poking around *his* list of people he actually bothered to leave comments for. (He should have known better than to deem it a “small fucking world!”).

      You appear to be the good friend of a good friend of his, if I remember correctly.

      So you see, we truly are joined together in a network of fandom.

      • Shazam!

        Whoops, I meant my livejournal’s friends list, I got hit with a bunch of his old backdated entries (maybe a problem with the feed?).

        Yeah :) I played Everquest with a good friend of his and got to know him through her.

  1. Whoa

    Well, yes, a new modem can be tricky.
    I’ve switched – so far – from a 14k to a 56k to a DSL.
    Now I’ve had a “wireless networking starter kit” box lying around for a week or so.
    I’m just scared, but soon I’ll tackle the darn thing.
    Our house is small, wireless will be a little but welcome improvement!
    Your package arrived a week ago! It is awesome as usual, and a proper reply (including even an actual BOOK) is being assembled.
    You wanna know? When the unlabeled and unmarked DVD turned out to be Pennebaker’s Dylanesque “Don’t Look Back” documentary, actual tears came to my poor eyes.
    Anyway, things are not improving AT ALL, here. But I promise I’ll write soon, because I’m being totally lame and it’s not good.

    • Re: Whoa

      Can I get a copy of your syllabus that had my dad’s photo on it? My mom was impressed when I told her about my correspondence with Detroit-origin Italy professor and she’d like to see that – even if it isn’t in English.

      I would wonder at odd times, when away from the computer, why I hadn’t heard from you! Now I know it took well over a month for that d@mn package to arrive.

      RE: lamedom – same here. I need to get my act together…it seems I’ve been neglecting a lot of people who are dear to me and it’s not good. Anyway – chat with ya soon.

  2. sometimes i get work because i used an old technology when it was new. i would definitely try to avoid a modem installation. could go easy. could be hell. it has always been this way.

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