They gave my childhood cartoons weaponry. Again!

Kingdom Hearts II for PS2 is a real treat for those who enjoyed the first one.

One thing I liked about KH was that I’d go in circles and need to refer to an occasional walkthrough if I couldn’t figure out a puzzle; KH2 is more like:

-We beat the boss! Gee I wonder where to next? *camera closes in on proper tunnel*
Well, we’d better be going to THAT TUNNEL *talking to RPG character – stands your character in front of it*

Where before, you were left to figure out things by yourself. I miss getting lost, as weird as that sounds.

“I’m taking something important from you,” bad guy says to the Beast, but leaves Belle right there, untouched.
“Huh. I wonder what the heck is goin’ on?” Goofy comments.

A total blast,

even when I know where I’m going.

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11 responses to “They gave my childhood cartoons weaponry. Again!

  1. I’ve never played that…everyone is getting on my case to play it! I’m told them to buy me the game and I will!!

    It looks fun though.. is it an online game?

  2. I never played it, but I watched one of my friends play it. I think in 2 hours he actually spent only 20 minutes “playing” and the rest was cinematic scenes. They were nice scenes, but it made for pretty dull gaming.

    • Yeah, there are chunks like that, especially in the beginning (it takes a good 2 hours just to get going). The movies are what drew so many people to play the first one, so I assume they doubled it for everyone who came back.

      But I most also point out that by the end, I had more than my share of Heartless enemies. Apparently you didn’t watch your friend earn the Hades Cup.

  3. You know what’s really sad? I’ve been too busy to play KH2 lately, so I’ve been watching the video for the opening of it on google video occasionally to quell my cravings. That opening song/video is so fucking good it makes me want to cry.

  4. I enjoyed what I played, with the first Kingdom Hearts. I need to finish that game so I can get the new one :o

    That’s a great wallpaper- Square-Enix sure has great artists :D

    • You should! The first one was a blast! I had to use cheatcodes several times, though, in order to complete it 100% for the special ending – which was just a preview of KH2.

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