Purses: A Gender Study or, Exceptionally Bored

To girls with gay-ass purses sporting cartoons, glitter and fur:

Rad. It’s probably one of the boldest ovary statements I’ve seen all year.

My purse is boring because if I was sporting some pink thing with a tutu, I’d always feel improperly dressed for the accessory.

title or description
Here we have a black backpack-style tote from Candie’s, that actually has a little dragonfly charm I fastened on. Zipper, Velcro, and all that goodness.

I’m curious about the females on my friends list. Take a photo of your purse and show me; if you don’t know how to upload it somewhere and link it, you can just e-mail it to me at rock_101_@hotmail.com with your user name and I’ll post it for you.

Come on. It’s not like I’m asking for a scan of your social security card. You girls never play – 98% of my comments are from males. So send me a photo of your purse.

Let me see. Come on. Snap snap.


20 responses to “Purses: A Gender Study or, Exceptionally Bored

  1. My current purse

    I am not a big purse person, so I don’t tend to have more than 2 or 3 at any given time — one to carry around at all times and an old backup and a “dressy” purse.

    My current one is a simple linen purse with little wooden rings and is brightly rainbow-colored — except, it doesn’t have purple. It closes by little cloth ties with beads on the end and doesn’t have any zippers or velcro. I just happened to see it one day and loved it. So the purse I had at the time because the old backup.

    This was probably the most interesting post I’ve seen in a while. (:

    • Re: My current purse

      *squints at your user picture*. You look very very familiar. Did you used to be in this rating site…thing…with the name WarriorMaiden or something similar?


      • Re: My current purse

        No, I’m a little too shy for ratings sites. :)

        Looking at your user information, the only thing that we appear to have in common besides the lovely is the fact that we’re from Western CT. I no longer live there, though.

  2. Here be the battle purse:

    Somebody call the girl police — I’m not carrying a girly-cute purse. It’s functional, though, with quick-access pockets for phone, lipgloss, ipod, binkies, and whatever else I need to find while hauling with flailing infant with the one arm and digging in my purse with another. And that’s yellow paint on it. I’m surprised that’s all the paint I’ve ever gotten on it.

  3. “It’s probably one of the boldest ovary statements I’ve seen all year.”

    Congratulations! You just typed an English sentence never typed or uttered before in history!

  4. this was me recent find and my travel purse, although i’ve fallen in love with the pockets so i haven’t gone back to my regular small purse. i wanted something just big enought that while i was in chicago i had room for the museum brochures and small trinkets i like to buy.

  5. Admittedly, this is not my exact purse. I couldn’t take a picture to show you because I don’t have a camera-to-computer cord or a place in my CPU large enough to accomodate my memory card. Anyway, hopefully this will tide you over for now.

    Remove the ugly-ass belt, make the straps brown leather, and make the denim darker with some yellow overtures, and voila, you have my purse. Other than that, the style and size are identical.

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