Sole Definition Of Yayness

The best Julie I’ve ever met lives a few roads away and instant messaged me the other day, wanting to know what was up. I admitted that I was collecting coloring pages online to color. Rather than call me a five-year-old she insisted that I print extras and visit for a while.

Julie Says: And glitter pens, if you have those, too. Cya soon.

We both picked a Disney image and I thought I’d share the results as kind of our refrigerator display. I’d ask anyone reading to vote for their favorite, but it’s really no contest.

title or description

And mine, from The Lion King
title or description

If you think you’d like an excuse to buy a box of crayons, there are several things inside the lj-cut for you to print and color.

Alf, scanned by me:
Beauty and the Beast:
Garfield dressed as pirate:
Garfield At A PC, scanned by me:
Jasmine and Raja:
Rafiki, the one I colored:
Rainbow Brite & Crew:
Rainbow Brite At Window:
Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon and Kitty:
Scar from Lion King:
Sea Ponies:
Sleeping Beauty:

More like this – from movies, comics, 80’s cartoons and everything else – can be found by searching for coloring pages online. Just be sure to look at the image in a print preview in case it needs to be rotated or resized to fit your paper. I suggest using economic printing by selecting a quick-print draft option in your printer settings – it uses less ink and the lines aren’t as dark.


9 responses to “Sole Definition Of Yayness

    • *cries*

      My exquisite toddler style! I learned that from a cousin years ago *lol* Unfortunately I never progressed beyond it.

      I thought I was doing so well until I looked over and saw Autumn’s, at which point you could hear my ego deflate. Oh well, I guess we can’t all be Pablo Picasso.

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