Baby Steps To Semi-Normalcy

Chris has lost 60 pounds over the past few months but not because he has been exercising or eating healthy meals. He has lost almost all interest in food and suffers severe stomach/nausea pains. On top of this sickness he became crippled two days ago, unable to sit, pained to be in bed.

We thought he had a bad back some time ago and a specialist looked at it, found nothing wrong and told Chris that it was all in his head. Unfortunately, given his past record with believing in ghosts and thinking he had several diseases that he didn’t have, it has been nearly impossible to get anyone to take him seriously. Come to find out, after a lot of hardship, Chris’ leg pains turned out to be very real – he has a deformed hip, inherited from my mother. But because he showed no signs of wanting help two years ago, no one could help him. Until recently.

Miraculously, Chris has shown a lot of changes in the past few months – better hygiene, favoring logic and science over the mystical (after ditching the meds that were intended to change chemicals released by his brain), and a willingness to be examined. He has gone from locking himself away, letting no one come close, to wanting an eye exam, dentist appointment, etc – many of the things that went haywire after his best friend ran him into a tree at 40 mph. I jumped at this healthier frame of mind and went along with him to his doctor’s appointment today.

And the doctor really listened to Chris this time, considering the symptoms and getting blood samples. He’ll need to have a few procedures done that, in the past, there would have been no in hell of talking him into going through – but he wants to get better. Today he got medicine for his digestive problems as well as a pain med for his hip.

Yes, a lot of things are still very wrong and hard to believe. But when I go in his room and see that there is no longer tin foil covering every window or any homicidal writings on the walls, I see improvement. I have given myself the responsibility of jumping on my mother’s ass, making sure she calls the right people and tells me when he needs to be somewhere. My next goal is to see how he feels after several problems are officially dealt with and go from there.

It was an exhausting day, but worth it. I still have several rooms to clean thoroughly before Brad’s visit. He’s good at keeping me sane in an insane environment. I made blueberry cobbler and have planned homemade pizza as well as pineapple chicken this weekend – hopefully my cooking turns out well. I’d like to catch the Turntablism showcase at the Flint museum; I think it would cool to see a few accomplished DJs and learn about the comeback of vinyl.

I hope Brad doesn’t forget the vodka this time.


3 responses to “Baby Steps To Semi-Normalcy

  1. Wow

    It’s good to hear Chris is doing better. I was worried when you mentioned his nausea. I’m glad he’s taken the initiative in taking care of himself now, and with your help I’m sure he’ll get right back on track.

    Say hi to Brad for me, and I’ll chat with ya later. ^_^

  2. Strength of character

    We have been Internet “friends” and I use the term loosely, as we really don’t know each other, for quite a while, and while I marvel at your prowess at all things tech, I am also amazed by how life around is crazy, but you seem so sane and so grounded. It’s really a testament to your character, you are probably one of the strongest people I have never met. and really, that’s saying something. Don’t ever change, and I hope that life…while it’s not horrible, or at least it doesn’t read that way, as nothing seems to depress you too much, I hope it….works out. Keep on keepin on to bring back that phrase.

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