Question Of the Day – Solved

Most every DVD lets me snap photos, allowing me to educate the public when it comes to improper forms in subtitles:

title or description

Now that I have your attention, I have a question for people who know about DVD+PC stuff.

When using Nero Showtime (or any DVD viewing device I’ve tried) there are some DVDS that refuse to create screen caps, or frame captures. And when when I use the keyboard’s “print screen” button, I get a result like this:

title or description

Is that a result of some kind of protection device on the DVD? There were some really awesome stills from my Fear and Loathing DVD that I wanted to use as wallpaper. Anyone have experience getting around this problem?

UPDATE at 2:30 P.M: Figured it out, thanks to (partially, anyway) the following websites:

They didn’t have the answer for me – in fact, they wasted a lot of my time as I tried BSplayer, WMPlayer, Winamp, etc with no success. But they did help to explain that it had to do with surface/layer configurations. What worked for me was as follows:

1. Open Nero Showtime, which comes with the full version of (purchased) Nero.
2. Preferences (the little hammer icon)
3. Video: change video mode to “no interlacing”
4. Video quality: select the “off” circle
5. Play DVD, press the camera icon to capture (assuming you have already gone in and selected a place for the frames to be saved to)

*please note that “print screen” still results in a blank image. You’ll have to use Nero’s capture device to be successful. I also recommend Nero in general, as the software has burned CD and DVDs for me flawlessly.


11 responses to “Question Of the Day – Solved

    • “Print screen” using that program doesn’t work, either. Not that I expected it to – I understand the whole overlay thing but don’t see anything in MpClassic where I would uncheck “use overlays” or adjust the hardware acceleration.

      Have you done this in MPC or were you just randomly suggesting it? Cause if you’ve had good luck with it I need a clue as to where I need to adjust the settings.

      • I know MPC can do it, but maybe it requires a plug-in or something to work.
        Also, either WinDVD or PowerDVD (I can’t remember which, but my dollar is on WinDVD) has a screenshot feature where you press a key and it saves it directly to disk as a bmp.

        Then there are screen cap programs such as HypersnapDX.

      • Well, I have scren shot software, I just thought I’d ask in case you were some MPC pro. Thanks for the input – I looked up how to get it working with tricky DVDs.

  1. I’m wondering how low the writing/spelling skills will be in 5 or 10 years…
    For the DVD screenshot problem, I can also only advice you to try another player. Some of them have the capability to make screenshots, others don’t.

    • Interestingly enough, it turns out that it’s not so much a software compatibility thing (I mean, of course you need to start with something that plays the DVD and whanot) but more of a hardware acceleration/”forcing the computer to render everything in software, the 2d content along with the rendered video” dealy.

      Yeah. I say the shit should just work automatically.

    • Well, I figured out what works for me without needing to add any new shit onto the computer. So if you ever want to tackle that for yourself, the sites that educated me the most were added to my entry. Good luck.

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