Bargain Hunting

So I’ve been packing, which takes forever. By Friday I realized that I needed boxes but was dreading having to cruise the trash areas of local grocery stores and whatnot. Luckily Nick overheard a woman asking the check-out guy for boxes at Goodwill, where we’d been eyeballing furniture. It became a competition the moment we all bolted for the door.

“Autumn! Keys!” Nick yelled, remembering that my key chain has a razor blade on it. He started slicing through tape and I folded the boxes down while our competition was still standing at their trunk, trying to fit unfolded boxes in. A woman made a call on her cell phone but by the time a larger truck pulled in, we were parting with the lion’s share in my arms.

Nick picked up a stray paper on the way back to the car – artwork of Mother Mary. I tucked it inside the windshield and watched as people in the parking lot gave us defeated looks. Elated that there would be no more searching, we high-fived, determined to hit a few yard sales on our way to the county fairgrounds.

Amazingly enough, I got a large, wooden dresser and mirror for twenty bucks – at a church sale. I was worried that they wouldn’t hold it long enough for me to go home and hook up the trailer, but everything went smoothly. The piece is solid and very beautiful; I decided to keep the picture on my dashboard through the remainder of last weekend. You know, for coincidence’s sake.

Back to work…


3 responses to “Bargain Hunting

  1. Wow y’all some nonworkin’ mo’fo’s. When I worked in warehouses and doing stocking when I was a kid, I didn’t cut boxes. None of us did. It’s a sharp jab where the tape starts, and it gives you a spot to get your fingers under, then you tear. It’s faster than a razor, and the little punches let you get rid of some inner demons. Try it out sometime.

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