The Field Where Robert Moss Played turned out to be an excellent haunted experience. I had found a “$3 off everyone in your group” coupon and decided to go on “Myspace Night” when you got a present for mentioning your online connection at the ticket vendor. It was a hayride, maze and haunted house centered around the story about a farmer who would lend his property to a traveling circus every Halloween season. jujube_1980 came along for the ride, happy to be rescued from a litter of puppies that had worms and antibiotics which caused them to shit, uncontrollably, all over the floor of her computer room.

Yesterday Brad and Chris showed up, seemingly sad about being unable to find any free pumpkins. I was disappointed that they’d gone out and come back empty-handed, but suddenly in they walked through the side door, Nick helping them carry in three huge ones! Figuring out our own stencils, we munched on baked seeds and came up with these guys:

title or description

Aqua Teen Hunger Force-o-lanterns