The One About Ashley, Maybe.

Last night I had a dream that I was thinking up lines for a poem while looking out over a small lake. The sun was shining and there were apple trees. The words were sort of like:

In case you ever wondered
Every now and then
Or maybe every other
When going home again

I still miss you.

And just like if I were awake I was thinking of ways to incorporate different memories into short verse. Thought patterns like: take the higher road and leave out the anger. Maybe a little about the things about you now that are complete opposite. But you have to let her know that it took more than one to spoil what you had…

When I woke up the intensity lingered there for a moment and I was all yeah I’m gonna send a letter to that girl and I got as far as walking out into the living room and booting up the laptop…

Reality starts to sink in. The Janet CD I borrowed from the library is playing and its temporary illusion fills the air with artificial, shallow bass that I’d much rather get lost in than some sore spot from the past.


One response to “The One About Ashley, Maybe.

  1. Dream poem fragments come to me sometimes. An image, then an urgency to get it down when I wake. That lingering dream feeling pulls at you, doesn’t it? I don’t like to lose it.

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