Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007

LJ user cannibal comments on the passing of Kurt Vonnegut, JR:

“We’re all bound by society… perhaps not the lead weights and mental handicap radios of the Handicapper General, but we break our own concentration and mute what intelligence we have by watching television, and ruin our bodies with junk food… some of us, for a little while, can break free like Vonnegut did in his books… ‘neutralizing gravity with love and pure will'”.

LJ user 9whilenine also shares:

“Its always strange to feel so affected by the death of someone I never knew personally in a way that I would know a friend or relative. Knowing a person’s work and reading interviews is one thing; it’s another to later in life realize the works and thoughts of a person had actually influenced and inspired you.”



Today I backtracked, having reconsidered my every move and decided where to place myself on the board. The closer I got to the queen the more I realized just how unguarded she was.

I stood at the security door with a few dollar bills in my hand and was waved in, the camera chick too busy talking to her doctor about dental coverage to address me right away.

“So is that work related because you need teeth to talk?” I couldn’t help but ask, seeing as how my bone to pick had to do with slacking.

“I was covered the whole time! Those fuckers! This 2,000 bill pissed me off…”

I told her how weird Linda had been acting around me since our previous discussion in the loss prevention office.

“Well I was concerned because when I joked with her, she shot me a look like I’d really fucked up. But those words weren’t mine; they were yours. I’m assuming that she’s under the impression I’d said all of that and made her out to look like a bad manager. I mean, she has said some pretty weird shit, lately.”

We talked a little about confidentiality and she assured me that my boss’ mannerisms were in no way linked with matters discussed in that tiny room. She also shared the fact that some people had been scolded from a level higher than even she – and that there was a lot going on.

Then I opened the door and found Linda right there in processing, working on a line fairly close to the prevention door. She might as well have had her ear up to it. Great.

She probably deals with that shit, in abundance, every day of her life. Wondering when someone she works with will use something against her. Knowing that there isn’t really any friendly conversation.

Something has fallen on the ones who were already overloaded with duties. For some reason we all had to meet at 9 today and watch a video about internal theft – one that was shown to us during our training. Something’s a lot heavier than my shitty little worries and I’m really glad, not to be a part of it.

Meanwhile the others are scanning away, chatting with the customers about who was good on Dancing With the Stars and how much someone won on Deal Or No Deal. Sometimes life is easier to the people who aren’t listening.