Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007

LJ user cannibal comments on the passing of Kurt Vonnegut, JR:

“We’re all bound by society… perhaps not the lead weights and mental handicap radios of the Handicapper General, but we break our own concentration and mute what intelligence we have by watching television, and ruin our bodies with junk food… some of us, for a little while, can break free like Vonnegut did in his books… ‘neutralizing gravity with love and pure will'”.

LJ user 9whilenine also shares:

“Its always strange to feel so affected by the death of someone I never knew personally in a way that I would know a friend or relative. Knowing a person’s work and reading interviews is one thing; it’s another to later in life realize the works and thoughts of a person had actually influenced and inspired you.”


3 responses to “Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007

  1. Yeah. I’m sad about his passing, but as he would probably say, “So it goes”.

    I have only read about two-thirds of his catalogue, but some of his books have hit me deep. Maybe it’s time to go back and read the rest.

    • Its amazing to see that of all the entries I have read on his passing that Slaughterhouse V was the single book that amazed people. And it often is the first one they read…
      I think he would be grateful to know it meant so much to so many.
      Its still sort of surreal though beacuse he was never a psyical part of my life. Just ideas, qoutes, invterviews, on the page or on the screen…
      But I suppose, “so it goes”

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