Anyway it reads is fine with me, but the problem is with reading it.


What went wrong?

This goes against everything known to the inner workings of The Britney Machine. The wattage on that stage was incredible and you could tell by the backup dancers that there were moments when she probably was supposed to have been disappearing/re-appearing/ hoisted up. Even if the song had sucked, even if she hadn’t looked good, even if her scheduled illusions with Cris Angel were cancelled last minute due to venue restrictions, this girl would have had fire in her eyes, hair flying, sequins glittering. Even her disasters are fantastic.

Something went wrong.

From her empty expression at the beginning to the very end, when she took the side exit off the stage while everyone was clapping…. Terrible execution. And that’s shitty when an artist promises a spectacle without delivering much.

I was getting a kick out of the bald head hype, dropped children and dumped husband stuff, but I miss the performance artist.

Take a look around at the popular demand. A little magic would go a long, long way right now, Brit.

But maybe you already knew, better than anyone else. So much history of toying with our imaginations, casting spells on every numbskull who dropped their allowance on your CDs and lunchboxes…

Maybe you cursed yourself.