A HUGE thank you to everyone who chipped in for the charity drive! I raised over $100 to sponsor Gigi and she loved every moment of the event.




I’ve swallowed a handful of Fuck Sleep and poured myself a double shot of vodka with one of those neat little “lemonade-on-the-go” packets they jack the price up on for providing individual servings. If I can stay on an empty stomach I’m likely to feel some of it within the next fifteen minutes, assuming that the anti-depressant and “depressant” do not cancel each other out.

This is only a test to see if I can slip a gear and slide into writey mode, cause right now all of my home chores are calling out, begging me to pick up and make lists of lists until the weekend becomes a prematurely structured machine. Oiled with unwarranted anxiety.

You see that cog? There was a hesitation, there. “Oiled with anxiety”. Missed the train and had to take the next sentence.

Microwavable pot pie, why must you be under a dollar and taste like jumbly midwest heaven?